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101.9 Rock - FM 101.9 CKFX North Bay picture

101.9 Rock - FM 101.9 CKFX North Bay

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Radio Stations
273 Main Street East
North Bay Ontario P1B 1B2
(705) 472-7625

Description: 101.9 ROCK plays legendary classic rock and nothing but the best new rock for North Bay and area.

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  • NEWS
  • 1 hour ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    TAG someone who drives the golf cart like this. ~Bryan
    Barstool Sports
    1 hour ago Julie Storie
    Joshua Storie
    1 hour ago James MacDonald
    Real life GTA right there lol
  • 3 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Do you have any cool or weird collections? -Vanessa
    Florida woman earns world record for flamingo collection
    55 minutes ago Karen Ferrell Epps
    Cool Burton Cummings tee-shirts :)
    2 hours ago Mark Ferguson
    Personally I have a comic collection but the weirdest thing I've heard of.... I used to work with a guy that's probably in his early 50' s that has been collecting his own toenails since he was a kid!!! I didn't believe him till he showed me... grossed me right out!! Lol
  • 7 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    EA Sports NHL17 simulation predicted a Nashville Predators Stanley Cup win. They also had the Montreal Canadiens in the final. Oops! Who do you think will go up against Nashville in the final? #BringStanleyHome -Mitch&Vicki-
    Instagram post by EA SPORTS NHL • May 23, 2017 at 5:10pm UTC
    6 hours ago Derek Larose
    Go Sens Go!
  • 8 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Congratulations Rhane!
    Rhane Daly Stevens qualifies for his 7th World Karate and Kickboxing World Championship - Country 600
  • 8 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    The first auto repair shop opened on this date in 1899. Have you got a story about the time your car broke down or failed you in a major way? For Mitch it was a Monza and Vicki tells her Firenza story at 7:10am.
    Timeline Photos
  • 20 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    What's your choice? -Mitch&Vicki-
    Timeline Photos
    6 hours ago Mark Ferguson
    Alice cooper's from the inside ...the one with the insane asylum fold out album.... or the doors strange days.... or deep purple ... perfect strangers.... too hard to pick one so there is my top three one for each day lol
    12 hours ago Rose Anne Faubert
    Toss up... Chris stapleton traveller or neil diamond greatest
    15 hours ago Dayna Dayle Smith
    The Monkees Greatest Hits :)
    18 hours ago Wes Craven
    Alice n chains MTV unplugged
    19 hours ago Stu Campaigne
    Paul Simon - Graceland
    19 hours ago Peter Wardle
    floyd, dark side
    19 hours ago Guy Langlois
    ufo strangers in the night. or montrose debut album. or VH 1
    19 hours ago Dylan Garlow
    Breakfast in America by supertramp or crimson idol by w.a.sp
    19 hours ago Jodi Chessell
    Meatloaf bat out of hell (either one is awesome)
    20 hours ago Zita Curtis
    Fleetwood Mac.
  • 21 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Cool cop called to noise complaint, ends up joining the band! ~Bryan
    Police Officer Called To Noise Complaint Joins Band on Drums - 101.9 ROCK
    3 hours ago Belle Matthews
    Thank-you 101.9 ROCK for posting #vinylambush video 👮🎤🎼💋
    20 hours ago Dee Joanisse
    Very impressive officers! Stop being so uptight when no crime is taking place. Yes, it was loud but those kids were respectful. And it was only 9 p.m.😎
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    You should probably stay away from these ones... ~Bryan
    23 hours ago John Giddings
    this is why some women never marry lol
    1 day ago Ruth Gifford Besterman
    To the tune of a Phil Oachs song...
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Is this what it's like to have kids? 😳 -Vanessa
    Viral Thread
    23 minutes ago Brad Burger
    Vanessa Burger
    19 hours ago John Watkins
    Erick Watkins Lauren Booth
    1 day ago Ashley Loyer
    Julie Aubin-Carter Julie Green
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Jay Pharoah is really good! ~Bryan
    Windy City LIVE
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Heart & Stroke Big Bike is under way! We just finished riding the bike down Main Street and you can do the same. Last year, they raised $80,000 and they plan on breaking that record. Come down to Discovery North Bay Museum and register a team, but hurry, it all ends Friday!
    ~Brady B.
    Photos from 101.9 ROCK's post
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    NewsAlert: Former James Bond star Roger Moore dies after short battle with cancer - 101.9 ROCK
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    This Wednesday's LOTTO 6/49 Jackpot is $13,000,000 EST. plus 1 x Guaranteed $1 Million Prize! Want to win $100 in LOTTO 6/49 with ENCORE lottery tickets? Comment below with a vacation destination you would go if you won!
    Jackpot Radio - 101.9 ROCK
    16 hours ago Patricia Greenwood
    Take the whole family to Disney World!!
    18 hours ago Bobby Kharter
    Definitely Nova Scotia.
    (South Shore)
    18 hours ago Diane Sloan Twomey
    Hawaii for sure! 💕
    18 hours ago Diane Sloan Twomey
    I would love love love to win this week! 😆😎
    19 hours ago Cindy DeVincenzo
    Australia in a heart beat
    23 hours ago Jan Scott
    New Zealand😎
    1 day ago Garry Scott
    Australia to start
    1 day ago Yvonne Robert Campaner
    Jamaica here I come!!!
    1 day ago Tammy Peters St Jean
    1 day ago Caroline Guindon
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Ever wondered what it would be like to jump into a bunch of mouse traps? Try not to cringe -Vanessa
    Painfully funny? - 101.9 ROCK
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Big Bike 2017
    15 hours ago Jan Martin
    Sound at 5:02...
    1 day ago Danielle Roy
    Why can't I hear anything? 😯
    1 day ago Sherry Tucker
    i live in West Virginia
    1 day ago Sherry Tucker
    That looks fun i like it
    1 day ago Jimbo Lahey
    go bike go
    1 day ago Debbie Adkins
    We can hear now
    1 day ago Tim McLean
    Can hear
    1 day ago Sylvia Lavallee-Giroux
    can hear you
    1 day ago Jason Sullivan
    There is no sound guys!
    1 day ago Debbie Adkins
    No sound
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Do kids in our area still do javelin, discus or hurdles in Track and Field?
    Timeline Photos
    9 hours ago Onyx Grey
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Here's one of the entries for our Ugly Grillfriend Contest. Send us a pic of your old BBQ and your could win a new one from Gateway Home Hardware plus $400 worth of meat from No Frills.
    Ugly Grillfriend
    1 day ago Andrea Melissa
    That's awesome that Cale is on 101.9 rock!!
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    101.9 ROCK launches 2Fer Tuesday today. Starting at 9am we're playing back to back 2Fers all day long including double shots of AC/DC, Don Henley, David Bowie, The Black Keys, Boston and more.
    Timeline Photos
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    This guy used his 15 minutes of fame to get downright goofy. -Mitch&Vicki-
    Golf Fan Goes To Town On His Own Nipples
    1 day ago Alan Innes
    Did he have a Wood?

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