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101.9 ROCK plays legendary classic rock and nothing but the best new rock for North Bay and area.

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  • 2 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Police looking for robbery suspect. http://www.1019rock....robbery-suspect/
    Police looking for robbery suspect - 101.9 ROCK
    1 hour ago Kylah Teeple
    Brandon Lawrence Hines
  • 3 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    This Wed October 25, Lotto 6/49 continues to roll at $34,000,000 est. plus 1 x Guaranteed $1 Million Prize. Want to win $100 in LOTTO 6/49 with ENCORE lottery tickets? To be entered in the draw, comment below with the first country you would visit if you won the millions!
    Jackpot Radio - 101.9 ROCK
    1 hour ago Pat Lagace
    I would take a dream trip to Australia and New Zealand.
    1 hour ago Robert Bouffard
    Winner Winner Whole Lot of Chicken Dinners 😀 I would visit Canada more.
    2 hours ago Jan Scott
    Turks and Caicos 😎
    3 hours ago Steve Lonsdale
    3 hours ago Jeremy Petrie
    I’d visit my own country Canada, finally and thoroughly.
  • 4 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Here's your Monday morning smile! -Mitch&Vicki-
    [WATCH] Sesame Street Parodies The Walking Dead - 101.9 ROCK
    3 hours ago Ashley Loyer
    Sarah Rich
  • 5 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Congratulations to our 1st Rock The Beach winner, Dana Fragomeni. Details of trip #2 at 8:10am with and Airtransat
  • 5 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Downie's family hoping for public memorial so fans can pay tribute. -Mitch&Vicki-
    Downie's Family Hoping For Public Memorial - 101.9 ROCK
    2 hours ago Doug Winters
    Sorry to hear of his passing now they want to make a memorial for him my thought they have gone far enough.If he hadn't had brain cancer I wonder what the response would be.😎
    4 hours ago Grant McMartin
    Should be a state funeral...
  • 6 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Sometimes you just have to sing! Unfortunately for a Montreal man singing in car, it cost him $149 when he was issued a ticket by police for screaming in public. He was singing this one from C&C Music Factory! What song would score you a ticket? ~M&V~
    5 hours ago Stephanie Pacaud
    Your sex in on fire- kings of leon
    5 hours ago Laura Poirier Barry
    Bohemian rhapsody by Queen. I don’t care who hears me, I’ve gotta sing it loud and proud where ever I am lol
    6 hours ago Rob Dazé
    Symptom of the universe by Black Sabbath.
  • 23 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    An elementary school has decided to cancel Halloween and instead celebrate "Black and Orange" Spirit Day.
    The school will also not have its annual Halloween costume parade because they say it can be difficult for many students, and their goal is to ensure all student's individual differences are respected.
    There will be a Halloween party after school hours, but Halloween itself will be celebrated as "Black and Orange" spirit day.
    What do you think about this idea?
    An elementary school has decided to cancel Halloween and instead celeb
    4 hours ago Gary Gajewski
    This is so friggin stupid .....I didn’t know school administrators had to take classes in “ dumb ideas” in order for teach children.
    6 hours ago Dorothy Collins
    Halloween is not a religious holiday despite what others May Say it was to celebrate Harvest by farmers n in pagan times to ward off evil spirits for the crops to be brought in before the frost etc. it is a fun day n you don't have to buy special costumes or spend lots if money fashion old clothes adding a few things n show your creativeness n Yankee ingenuity. Make it a stress free day for the kids to just be kids while some kids have allergies n dietary constraints that they cannot consume their goodies but itbstill can be fun for them if presented right to them
    7 hours ago Patti-Lyn Woit Stockill
    Wow. This is ridiculous. What about the kids?? We all remember getting teased. But it’s tradition. It’s a fun day 4 the kids & let them have fun.
    15 hours ago Val Cee
    Ok. Pardon my language but.. Fuck. That. Bullshit.
    Enough is enough. Halloween has been known as such for a long time. It doesn't hurt anyone or criticize anything. For the love of Gawd people, be better!!!!!
    16 hours ago Nicole Riberdy Peterson
    It's getting out of hand ... how many decade we been celebrating Halloween... just not fair we have to change out customs... keep your children at home if you can't follow our tradition ...
    21 hours ago Gems Tiff Stones
    I like it. They have enough after school and at home truck or treating. It can be scary for some. Some go over board. It interferes with learning. Some can't afford a costume. Some don't celebrate it. School is school. Commerciaized over rated "holiday's" or whatever this one is called ...don't belong in the classroom or school. Call me a poor sport idc.
    21 hours ago Debbie Shipley
    As a kid who didnt have much growing up I have to say I'm okay with this. 30 years ago while the costumes werent as elaborate they were still expensive. In Grade 6 my mom made my costume. I remember the stupid parade and how I was teased mercilessly by a few Grade 8 kids. I have never enjoyed Halloween since. I'm also for parties or trick or treating at the mall. Halloween isnt a holiday but a celebration and a party is closer to its origins.
    How people are getting so upset over costumes and candy blows my mind! You don't clebrate your birthday at work or hold Eadter egg hunts at svhool so why freak about Hallowe'en?
    23 hours ago Angela Herseim Beck
    Celebrate Halloween outside of school. It's not like they cancelled Halloween. They just don't want to be arsed to do it during school hours.
    23 hours ago Cheryl Ann Penasse
    Total bullshit!!
    Is Christmas going to be next????
    This is our country quit changing things because it might offend someone!!!
    Pretty soon we will have to keep our mouths shut and not talk to anyone and not celebrate anything because it might offend someone!!!
    Enough already!!!
    Leave Halloween alone!!!!!!!!
    23 hours ago Olivia Davis
    It's probably difficult to find a happy medium for everyone, but a lot of people won't be pleased about a change in traditional Halloween practices.. On the other hand, being stuck in the past & not being able to evolve or adapt to change isn't healthy either- so I'm kinda on the fence I guess lol
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    What's the best, and worst Canadian T.V show of all time?
    What's the best, and worst Canadian T.V show of all time?~Shawn~
    1 day ago Natasha Marie
    Best: Letterkenny, Kids in the Hall, Trailer Park Boys
    Not sure about worst
    1 day ago Tyler Dokis
    The Red Green Show is the best, no question.
    1 day ago Matthew Ryan
    Red green is the best, corner gas worst
    1 day ago Sylvain Plante Kathleen Taylor
    Anything where Trudeau shows up?
    1 day ago Leigh Cahill
    The Trouble With Tracy is the worst by far! Air Farce with the original cast, the best.
    1 day ago Braeden Lahey
    Trailer park boys is the best!
    1 day ago Davey Meloy
    Best-Hilarious House of Frightenstein
    Worst- Danger Bay
    1 day ago Cristina Zappala
    The best hands down is DEGRASSI Jr. High and DEGRASSI High!
    1 day ago Mike Smith
    Best: (tie) Royal Canadian Air Farce (before John Morgan retired)
    Mr. Dressup
    Worst: Toopy and Binoo
    1 day ago Blake Cerisano
    Corner Gas is easily the best!
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    The Voyager Inn is celebrating their 60th year in business today! The party has officially started and it will continue until 1AM! Try out the new axe throwing lounge and listen to some live music all day and night while having some discounted drinks! It will be a great night so make sure you come out! -Molly
    Photos from 101.9 ROCK's post
  • 2 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Christmasween is on at The Best Western! There are lots of Halloween and Christmas crafts and decorations as well as some great gift ideas! Support our local crafters and vendors by visiting and checking out all of the awesome goods! -Molly
    Photos from 101.9 ROCK's post
  • 2 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Cancer Wellness & Awareness Day is underway! Stop by the Callander Community Centre before 5PM to listen to guest speakers, meet local professionals and organizations in the field, and check out some vendors! Admission is just a donation, which goes to Silver Linings- Online Cancer Resource Network! -Molly
    Photos from 101.9 ROCK's post
  • 2 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    I'm currently at the Callander Legion at their first craft and vendor show! Stop by at 11am for sandwiches and dessert. This will be running until 3pm so you have lots of time to come and check out all of the awesome goods! -Molly
    Photos from 101.9 ROCK's post
  • 3 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Local tribute to Gord Downie
    Local tribute to Gord Downie - 101.9 ROCK
    1 day ago Sheri Marceau
    Jeff Marceau
    2 days ago Craig Hyndman
    Awesome job Jeff!
    2 days ago Bruce Wood
    Just awesome!!!
    2 days ago Lynn Larondeau
    Incredible thanks for this :)
    2 days ago Liz Shakell
    2 days ago Shane Eastwood
    He ain't my voice!
    3 days ago Diane Tadgell
    beautiful tribute
    3 days ago Kelsey Lorna
    Lynn Broughton massive mural painted downtown North bay
    3 days ago Sean ONeill
  • 3 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Did you win tickets in our PIGS sweepstakes? No? Don't worry about it, you can still get tickets!
    PIGS: Canada’s Most Authentic Pink Floyd Tribute Band in North Bay - 101.9 ROCK
    2 days ago Melody Hanna
    Have mine
  • 3 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    This was sent to our sister station in Ottawa, definitely worth sharing -Vanessa
    2 days ago Jessica Ryman
    How cool is That???
  • 3 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Good idea? ~M&V~
    Making a purchase? First take a selfie - 101.9 ROCK
  • 3 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    The Artisan Food Company got a visit yesterday! -Mitch&Vicki-
    Bear cub wanders into downtown building - 101.9 ROCK
    1 day ago Sheri Marceau
    He wanted to check out the painting on the roof Jeff Marceau lol
    3 days ago Tricia Renaud
    Sometimes i have seen their door open on a beauitful day so i assume that's how he got in!!
    3 days ago Darren D. MacDonald
    ...i get that the cub could get into town, but howd it get into the store?
    3 days ago Corey Flood
    Hahaha couldn't figure out what the hype was
    3 days ago Steve Mayer
    haha my roommate said he saw 2 North Bay police come out of their cars with shotguns, and then 2 seconds later the MNR showed up to help.. we were trying to figure it out last night, now it make sense!
    3 days ago Wesley Edwin Jacque
    Jade Alexandria Amyotte
    3 days ago Crystal McLeod
    No pics??
    3 days ago Paul James Penasse
    Bears have made a huge come back in this region....garbage that is not properly contained or disposed of....
    3 days ago David Richard
    I haven't lived in North Bay in a couple years. So sad to see the diner that used to be there is now closed, used to eat there a lot for breakfast
    3 days ago Gems Tiff Stones
    Shauna Lee Vazquez were you there?
  • 4 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Gord Downie has passed away and 101.9 ROCK has become GORD FM, playing 24/7 Tragically Hip music until Sunday night..
    Tag your friends who need to know

    Gord Downie has passed away and 101.9 ROCK has become GORD FM, playing
    3 days ago Yuval Yaari
    loving this tribute in Syd ,Aus
    3 days ago Kelly Roberts
    Classy guys, good on you.
    3 days ago Tracey Syvret
    1 day sure - 24/7 for 6 days really!! I think the Hip is a good band and they spoke out on a lot of Canadian Issues but his is over kill
    3 days ago Jeff Allair
    4 days ago Nina Rouw
    That is an amazing way to tribute his memory...that is the Canadian way!! I could listen to the Hip all day
    4 days ago Cameron D. Cooke
    Would have Loved this Idea when Zappa passed..
    4 days ago Lyssa Nadine
    Why is there angry emojis tied to this? I think this is a wonderful tribute
    4 days ago David White
    Makes sense. Really shouldn't be any other way
    4 days ago Robin Réaume
    Thanks 101.9 ROCK 😁 I could listen to the hip all day, everyday.
    4 days ago Jamie Brooks
    This is a fitting tribute, thanks!
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