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101.9 ROCK plays legendary classic rock and nothing but the best new rock for North Bay and area.

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  • 1 hour ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Today Betty White and Jim Carrey are both celebrating birthdays. Betty is turning 96 and Jim 56
    Who do you think would win in a fight?
    Betty White as Rose Nylund OR Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas?
    Today Betty White and Jim Carrey are both celebrating birthdays. Betty
    1 hour ago Ilse De Paolo
    I'll root for Betty every time.
    1 hour ago Blake Cerisano
    I hope Betty ... Especially since Jim Carrey is partly responsible for the death of over 9000 children.
    1 hour ago Anna Roy
    Both funny as hell
    1 hour ago Sandy Porter Hagan
  • 2 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Cotton candy!?!?! -Vanessa
    Cotton candy!?!?! -Vanessa
    24 minutes ago Jon Caine
    Lol that crazy
    1 hour ago Bruce Deveau
    1 hour ago Bruce Deveau
    1 hour ago Bruce Deveau
    1 hour ago Joel Pelletier
    Jesse Harrison
    2 hours ago Shayne Patterson
  • 3 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    This Friday's Lotto Max draw is worth $15 MILLION est! Comment below and tell us would you rather have super dry, chapped lips all winter long, or have a cold for three whole weeks?
    1 minute ago Dori Ede
    I'd rather have a cold or flu for three weeks
    49 minutes ago Renee Gauthier
    A cold for 3 whole weeks
    1 hour ago Barbara Carter
    Barbara Carter
    I think that I would go with the chalked lips..
    Bobby Kharter
    1 hour ago Robert Irvine
    Cold for 3 whole weeks.
    2 hours ago Ron Lidkea
    Dry chapped lips so dry they are peeling and get stuck on my sweater as I pull it on over my head in the morning, even bleeding, like I'm a zombie in Walking dead and I've just had a snack on someone. Yea that would do it!!🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺
    2 hours ago Karen Radey
    cold for three whole weeks
  • 4 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Mitch has never heard the saying "the way she goes". Luckily I found this video on YouTube ~Vicki~
    2 hours ago Ron Lidkea
    I guess not everyone has heard the saying "the way she goes" , but then again , I guess that's the way she goes !
  • 6 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    North Bay city council has rejected the purchase of 8 half-ton crew cab trucks from a London company after its bid edged out two local dealerships. Several councillors took issue with an out of town business potentially getting the bid. If the rules were changed to give preference to a local business even if it meant paying a bit more, would you be in favour of that? Click on the blog to take our poll. -Mitch&Vicki-
    Mitch & Vicki Wanna Know..? - 101.9 ROCK
    2 hours ago Steve Farrow
    good reporting, i have absolutely no idea what this machine is actually trying to accomplish, why did they even need trucks? what is the outlined goal for the new trucks?
    nope nobody gives a fuck anyway, it's not like they actually make decisions to improve things here.
    2 hours ago Ron Lidkea
    And business are always whining for us to shop locally , wonder why people don't. When I needed a new auger for my snowblower, I was asked by the local business I contacted, how much I was attached to my snowblower. I asked why and he said cause a new auger was $325. I went on line and found a new one on EBAY for $80 shipped to my house. I guess he was trying to be funny. 🤔
    2 hours ago Chris McCleary
    Maybe there should be $$ levels that you go provincially for bids lower $$$ just go local instead of just giving to there buddies.
    3 hours ago Tammy Joy Hevenor
    Question were tenders given on all makes or just Chrysler products? Maybe locally price would have been met with a different company?
    3 hours ago Wayne Duquette
    Lower bids from out of town should be accepted. That will keep local businesses honest.
    4 hours ago Grant McMartin
    I wonder why this is the one they got upset about? Bouncy Castles they gave the owner the line they had to go with out of town bid process etc.
    Sound system upgrade at Gardens out of town again....
    5 hours ago Paul Ducharme
    We as tax payers here in North Bay should be concerned how our money is being spent !! We should be going to the lowest bid !! How ever keep in mind that there will be cost for the delivery of these trucks ! It’s sad that every car dealer here needs to hit a home run every time they sell a vehicle !! A 3 hour drive south saves you 10% on average for a vehicle !!
    5 hours ago Pat Lagace
    No harm in sending the bid out to out-of-area suppliers. I'm sure the request for quotation included a disclaimer saying, among other things, that the lowest bid will not necessarily be the winning bid. It probably also included a statement saying local businesses will be given a higher regard - and rightly so.
    5 hours ago Mark Beaulieu
    I wonder how many "out of town" bids are won by our local dealers? Do they bid low for them and high for us simply because our Council are chicken S*%$ because of election year? If you can't be competitive, get out of the game.
    5 hours ago Paul Gervais
    Maroosis is right. You can't pick and chose rules to follow. The London firm can take the city to court for prejudiced practice of not dealing ingood faith. Also keep in mind that other out of town companies will stop biddomg on future city tenders. Just something to think about.
  • 18 hours ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Grab your kilt and get ready for an outrageous good time!
    Tartan Terrors - 101.9 ROCK
    16 hours ago Lizanne Attwood
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Could you do it!? 😮 -Vanessa
    1 hour ago Ron Lidkea
    Why even bother for $800 bucks? Pay what the stomach pain would be worth!!🤢
    8 hours ago Jason Hodgins
    Carly Hodgins Adrienne Hodgins 😂 10/10 would try
    11 hours ago Tyrel Cote
    Bring it on.
    19 hours ago Jeanne Wafford
    Mustard runed it How about some horseradish.
    20 hours ago Chelsea Lynn Hill
    Here ya go Ashlee Lynn Guyea getter done girl
    20 hours ago Aaron Dyment
    Ermahgerd I need this is my life
    22 hours ago Phillip Johnston
    who would ever put mustard on chicken nuggets?
    22 hours ago Steve A Cloete
    Looks like it is deep fried in old oil, enough to make anyone throw up. !
    23 hours ago Micheline St Onge
    My son could. No problem
    1 day ago Michelle Flynn
    Abeni Flynn
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    I might have laughed a little harder than I should have -Vanessa
    I might have laughed a little harder than I should have -Vanessa
    10 hours ago Tina Raymond
    Amanda Raymond
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Creed 2 movie news. What's the best Rocky movie?
    Creed 2 Casts Boxer Florian Munteanu as Ivan Drago's Son - 101.9 ROCK
    1 hour ago Ron Lidkea
    I liked then Rock in the Rundown, good in the Fast Five too! If you smellll what the Rock is cookin! 💪🤨💪
    18 hours ago Terence Cain
    19 hours ago JP Cormier
    I'd have to say the first or second movie for sure!!
    1 day ago Roseanne Young
    always the first one, the sequels just try to hard
    1 day ago Spencer King
    Obviously Rocky 5
    1 day ago Lisa Commanda
    Jordan Dokis apollo creeds kid vs the big russians kid lol asif they are making more movies
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Heads up: We're hearing about an accident on Lakeshore Drive this morning near Top Picks Auto Sales ~M&V~
    1 day ago Pat Lagace
    1 day ago Adam Pipe
    Thank you.
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    For those of us tired of chain e-mails. -Mitch&Vicki-
    World USA
    6 hours ago Martial Gerolami
    Love it you guys!!!
    8 hours ago Jess Wood
    True story
    17 hours ago Linda Doty-Spears
    That's right!!!
    18 hours ago Dawn Jeske Dahl
    Finally, some common sense!
    23 hours ago Phyllis Hamilton
    1 day ago Rosalinda Perez
    1 day ago Rosalinda Perez
    1 day ago Rosalinda Perez
    1 day ago Martha Nydam
    Thank you
    1 day ago Cody Holliday
    Like comment and share as well as go to work and you will %100 be gifted money within the next two weeks.....
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Are your Christmas lights still up? If so, do you turn them on? ~M&V~
    Are your Christmas lights still up? If so, do you turn them on? ~M&V~
    1 day ago Jim Vellenga
    Yes, and yes.
    1 day ago Sean ONeill
    I put up these LED ones 4 yrs ago. They have a remote and are mutli colours- Easter, I make them purple, Valentines/Canada Day, red. Halloween, orange. Birthdays, multi colour, ... Improvise as Grampa would say. :)
    1 day ago Jordan McLeod
    My lights are still up and turn on every night with my automatic timer. They are just plain white Christmas lights
  • 1 day ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    Sales of smart speakers are on the rise. I got the Amazon Echo for Christmas and I love it. If you have one, what do you use it for the most? -Mitch
    18 hours ago Michelle Grasser Heasman
    Music, weather, math problems, show or game times, so much to explore yet. Love it that's for sure.
    1 day ago David Andrew
    1 day ago Steve Chalupiak
    my wife got me a google home for my birthday.....just the music function alone makes it worth it
    1 day ago Carolyn Barnes Huria
    For music and a timer
    1 day ago Rob Dazé
    We have a google home. My wife and I listen to music, and she uses it as a timer and for recipes. Still exploring what it can do.
  • 2 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    BREAKING: A sad day in rock as the Cranberries singer has passed away.
    BREAKING: Cranberries Singer Delores O'Riordan Dies Suddenly at Age 46 - 101.9 ROCK
  • 2 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    WARNING: If you have a weak stomach, you might not want to watch -Vanessa
    Mouth Cooking, the latest culinary trend? - 101.9 ROCK
    50 minutes ago Roseanne Young
    1 day ago Lynne Palmer
    1 day ago Ellen B Barriage- Faulkner
    The egg almost got to me
    1 day ago Richard Delage
    Please m'am may I have some more? Bacteria!!!
    1 day ago Elizabeth Chellew
    Samantha MacLachlan
    1 day ago Chad Whittaker
    She’s cray cray 😜
    1 day ago Ron Lidkea
    Remember when Kramer was making meals when he was showering?🤣
    1 day ago Nick Cadieux
    Brian McDooling this is how I make the scalloped potatoes that you like so much
    1 day ago Maurice Cadieux
    Nick Cadieux
  • 2 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    This is cool!
    Stranger Things Megafan Takes Yearbook Pics With David Harbour - 101.9 ROCK
  • 2 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    I think this is an appropriate reaction to today 😅-Vanessa
    I think this is an appropriate reaction to today 😅-Vanessa
    2 days ago Kevin Drew
    I’m with Robin.
  • 2 days ago by 101.9 ROCK

    101.9 ROCK
    This week's Lotto 6/49 jackpot is $12 MILLION! Want to win $100 in LOTTO 6/49 with ENCORE lottery tickets? To enter the draw, comment below and tell us would you rather stick your tongue to a frozen telephone pole, or your fingers get so cold that you can't move them for an hour?
    Jackpot Radio - 101.9 ROCK
    1 day ago 101.9 ROCK
    Congratulations Diane Sloan Twomey, you are our winner!
    1 day ago Wanda Burns
    I would say fingers- the tongue would be too sensitive!
    1 day ago Kari Raymond
    I tried the tongue 👅 as a kid and that was not fun so I'll take the cold fingers!!! 🤞🏻
    1 day ago Kimberly Boissonneault
    I would stick my tongue to a pole. Despite the fact that I’m a germaphobe, I wouldn’t be able to stand not be able to move my fingers! 😬😬😬
    1 day ago Debbie Moore-Bandy
    Cold so cold, I couldn't move for an hour is what I would prefer. I could still at least eat with my face lol
    2 days ago Shannon Lemay
    I would go with tongue. I did it once when I was a kid. I didn’t lose any skin off my tongue. I hate having cold fingers anyway!
    2 days ago Marg MacDonald
    I have to go with fingers. My hands and fingers are always cold anyway, 😊
    2 days ago Gems Tiff Stones
    Fingers so cold. At least I won't lose skin off my tongue for days.
    2 days ago Krissi Doreen
    I vote fingers. This happens to me on a regular basis and the feeling always comes back. I need my tongue for eating purposes
    2 days ago Erica Weegar
    I would have to vote for my fingers. They are always cold anyways. Plus I would still have my tongue to complain how cold my fingers were.
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