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Bloor Street Fitness and Boxing

2295 Dundas Street West
Toronto Ontario M6R 1X6
(416) 535-2699
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Bloor Street Fitness & Boxing is a health & fitness club that feels exclusive while being inclusive. Upon opening the doors of the Bloor Street Fitness & Boxing, one is immediately invited into an authentic, raw, fully equipped, two-level boxing and fitness centre.

The walls are exposed stone, the floors are black, and there is a full-size boxing ring (the original from New York City's Time Square where Mohammed Ali and Rocky Marciano once boxed). The consistent sound of solid thumps on the multiple punching bags acts as a soothing reminder of the drive for a healthy and strong body. There is an honesty and an edginess to our gym which is equally matched by our non-pretentious and dedicated staff and clientele.

Today, you have everything you need to Look Better and Feel Better:
State of the Art Fitness Center
Group Exercise Studio
A vast array of cardiovascular training equipment
Certified professional Personal Trainers
Group Fitness classes
Boxing Classes
Personal Training
Boxing Training

Gym design:
Bloor Street Fitness and Boxing has been affectionately called, "The Fitness Temple".  If you stand across the street from the gym you will see a very unique frontal design with four monster gloves that hail from Las Vegas. The inner two gloves are raised up higher than the outer two to create a steeple effect. The front entrance has stained glass windows with words of encouragement scattered throughout. All windows have make-shift prison bars. The purpose of the prison bars is to give the impression to all members that they are expected to do quality time (workout/fitness) when at the facility. The gym is not a "pick-up joint" or "meat market".  Every member is expected to workout, achieve results and have fun while doing so.

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9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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