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Calgary Zoo

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Fun and Amusement
210 St. George's Drive NE
Calgary Alberta T2E 7V6
(403) 232-9300

Description: The Calgary Zoo is a world-class zoological society, always committed to excellence in animal stewardship and conservation leadership. Our core mission: take and inspire action to sustain wildlife & wild places.

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  • NEWS
  • 14 minutes ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    So exciting - Wagonstage Children's Theatre is back at the zoo this summer with a new play!
    Discover 'Jumpy and the Frog' from July 4- Aug 31:
    School of Creative and Performing Arts
    8 minutes ago Ani Waffle
    Mandeep Verma Lindsay KayBee Rochelle De Guzman Tanoi Phiaxay
  • 3 hours ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    We're inspired by Land of Lemurs! We've set up a new activity in Destination Africa that will train your eyes.
    Visit our new 'shop' to identify Rainforest Alliance forest-friendly products.
    How many do YOU recognize? #yyc
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  • 6 hours ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    Commemorate Canada Day with the Calgary Zoo, eh!
    Join us July 1, 2017 to celebrate the big #Canada150 birthday - to get in the spirit, we have presents for the little ones! Kids 12 years and under can take home a white spruce tree to plant & nuture! There will be flags, photo-ops and fun.🍁 #yyc #calgaryzoo
    Canada Day 2017
  • 1 day ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    Notice: Destination Africa will close early, Tuesday, July 4, 2017 at 5 p.m. to prepare for the grand opening of Land of Lemurs. It will open late at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, July 5, after the opening ceremonies. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    Regular hours will resume on Thursday, July 6, 2017.
    Timeline Photos
    3 hours ago Taylor Nelson
    Tyler Lynn Smith LEMURS.
    6 hours ago Patrick Brooks
    What species of lemurs will be featured?
    15 hours ago Anne Adie
    For opening day, do you just need regular tickets?
    17 hours ago Andrea Hoffman
    Victoria Lee Akers
    18 hours ago Michelle Wicks St. Denis
    Ok I checked it out that is so cool , can't wait !! To see it
    19 hours ago Lisa Fast
    The lemurs will be open in July, Ashley and Michelle! The anticipation has been building for over a year!!
    1 day ago Ashleigh Leinweber
    Stephanie Stenberg
    1 day ago Meagan Rundle
    David Stagg LAND OF LEMURS
    1 day ago Jacquie Laurendeau
    Is the Land of Lemurs open in advance if you have a membership?
    1 day ago Caitlin Dalby
    Brittany 😎 so... Thursday?! 😍
  • 2 days ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    It's official- we're on board for another three years!
    We've just signed another partnership with Parks Canada to keep up critical work with black-tailed prairie dogs. After working as a partner for over a decade, we know that working with this species is delicate- and results directly impact the endangered black-footed ferret. The prairie ecosystem is a balance. #conservationconversation
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Stephanie Anne Mallard
    Daniel Andrew Belonio baby!!!!!!! :)
    1 day ago Elise Lonsdale
  • 2 days ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    Can you hear those jingle bells? It's almost time for Christmas!
    No? DON'T WORRY, it's officially six months away.
    In the meantime, let's get out and enjoy the gorgeous gardens. Plan your romp through the flowers today:
    Timeline Photos
  • 3 days ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    Take a fresh bite out of the weekend.
    Stop by Grazers during your zoo visit for locally grown food that is serious about good ingredients- we're 100% Ocean Wise Life and L.E.A.F. certified!
    It's 'appy hour! See you on the patio.
    Fresh ingredients & fresh service – Grazers re-opens for the season | Calgary Zoo - Blog
  • 3 days ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    Let the kids loose at the zoo- it's playtime!
    Join us for a Nature Play program from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. that will have them exploring, learning and soaking up the sun:
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  • 3 days ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    Zoo visitors can finally discover the new Land of Lemurs habitat for themselves on July 5, 2017- less than 2 weeks away! Very few people have seen this new space.
    So just what have we built??
    Leading up to Land of Lemurs- What have we built | Calgary Zoo - Blog
    2 days ago Kaila Carlson
    Jackie Johansen we should plan to go when this opens!
    2 days ago Candice Webb
    Can an eligible member bring their under 3 yr old toddler?
    3 days ago Stephanie Winton
    Michelle Winton Judy Winton
    3 days ago Evan Lemay
    How can members get a sneak peak?
    3 days ago Melissa Malejko
    I'm excited!! How many lemurs are there?
  • 4 days ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    2 days ago Sarah-Jane Kennedy
    Scott Mansfield
    3 days ago Breanne McPhee
    Katie Douglas !!!! 🙈
    3 days ago Tapanga Hynes
    Steven Lang
    3 days ago Amber Bye
    Katie Robertson oh my god we should go to the zoo???!!!!!!!!
    3 days ago Taylor Anderson
    Jordèn Ishag
    3 days ago Mary Foden
    Alyson Mary
    4 days ago Tish Shackley
    Omg kids have been so excited for this! Can't wait to come check it ou
    4 days ago Christie Lennie
    Hawk Mo
  • 4 days ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    Have you had the chance to see our big cats leap for their lunch? Check out a cougar Animal Feeding on Friday morning to watch these predators receive a (raw) snack. Not only is it entertaining- it's also good for the cougar's health.
    Feeding schedule here:
    Catch an Animal Feeding at the Calgary Zoo
    4 days ago Justin Mann
    Freyja actually hunting instead of mooching off her brother <3
    4 days ago Ciara Pierce
    Justin video for you
  • 5 days ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    #Canada150 is shaping up to be a great year for the Vancouver Island marmot! We've had 16 pups born at the zoo's Devonian Wildlife Conservation Centre and in July we will release three adult marmots into the wild!
    Why is this so cool? This is why:
    Timeline Photos
  • 5 days ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    The weather is heating up, so cool down with this member discount! This month you can purchase one child size ice cream and receive a second for half price. :)
    Member Discounts & Special Offers
  • 6 days ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    Thinking tall! It's #WorldGiraffeDay, and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation announced that this year's focus is dedicated to saving Masai giraffe in Kenya and Tanzania!
    Some giraffe species have been harder hit than others, like the Masai giraffe which is facing many threats in the wild. With only 32,000 Masai giraffe remaining in southern Kenya and Tanzania, their number has dropped by more than half in the last 30 years.
    This is one of the reason's we're proud to have introduced Emara to our herd! # conservationconversation
    HAVE YOU HERD? A new female Masai giraffe joins zoo family
    5 days ago Melissa Malejko
    Welcome Emara!! Can't wait to meet you. Looking forward to more baby giraffes too.
  • 6 days ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    Times flies when you're having fun! Our Red panda cubs, Khairo and Chiya, celebrate their first birthday today!
    Although they are only one, these cuties have boosted the captive population of their subspecies by a remarkable 4%. Now THAT'S a big deal! Go wish them a Happy Birthday in Eurasia. #conservationconversation
    Timeline Photos
    2 days ago Isha Ober
    You definitely MUST go see these next month, Joseph!! So cute!
    4 days ago Becky Reed Grunewald
    Twyla, I should have had the kids sing happy birthday while we were there!
    5 days ago Peter Duggan
    Britt Rae did you make them a cake?
    5 days ago Yasmeen Akhtar
    5 days ago Nicki Kosic
    they are adorable, caught a mid day nap on our visit
    5 days ago Emily Roston
    Justin Puetz Now this is a birthday worth celebrating
    6 days ago Aksana Badoni
    Eric Simard
    6 days ago Alicia Sansome
    Saw them yesterday, I love them!
    6 days ago Ken Rumohr
    molly rumohr
    6 days ago Lynsey Richards
    Cody Richards
  • 1 week ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    THIS IS AWESOME!! It is so great to see Zola all grown up & doing his thing. Thanks for sharing Dallas Zoo - check out his new moves #yyc!
    If you can't remember the original video of Zola's 'dancing', watch it here:
    Dallas Zoo
    6 days ago Sarah Rose Marie Moore
    This is you in a paddling pool Adam Moore
    6 days ago Janelle Wilton
    Reece Deveaux
    6 days ago Tapanga Hynes
    Steven Lang
    6 days ago Amanda Martinez Rockwood
    Paul Rockwood you swimming lol
    6 days ago Jasmin Chernecki
    When will another boy be joining our troop?
    6 days ago Melissa Malejko
    Awww, he's so happy!!! That's awesome! I'm glad the Dallas keepers have given him the chance to play in the pool.
    6 days ago Carlos Pumarino Jimenez
    Eu Frasco
    1 week ago Martina Hartung
    Ric Arda das wäre doch auch was für'n Bobo..oder???
    1 week ago Tanya Katie Smith
    Devon Smith Dylan Dziengielewski did know you guys made videos in the bath tib
    1 week ago Morgan Yates
    Sydney Schultz
  • 1 week ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    Happy Pollinator Week!
    This week we're joining the celebration of our hardworking pollinators by highlighting our butterflies.
    Did you know that our butterfly garden is full of fluttery friends from international butterfly farming in Costa Rica and Southeast Asia? Supporting this industry helps preserves local forests: #conservationconversation
    New life emerges in ENMAX Conservatory
    1 week ago Maureen Bamford
    I'm seeing a lot more flowers this year. Hopefully it helps bring back the bees
  • 1 week ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    We're not horsing around- there are two Asian wild horse foals now at the Devonian Wildlife Conservation Centre (DWCC)!
    These critically endangered horses were technically extinct in the wild at one time.We have contributed Przewalski’s horses to the captive breeding-for-release program in Germany, where descendants of our horses have gone on to release in Askania Nova and Kazakhstan.
    Did you know that all Przewalski’s horses in the world today are descended from only 13 or 14 individuals which formed the core of the breeding program!? #conservationconversation
    Timeline Photos
    1 week ago Mag Kennedy
    Jamie Joan Taylor
    1 week ago Lisamarie Johnston
    These guys always fill me with awe. It's like looking back into history. The original wild steppe horses would likely have looked very similar.
    1 week ago Stephanie Nicolle Lennie
    If they are so closely related, would there not be a very high risk of inbreeding?
    1 week ago Alex Goulding
    Kathy Parsons
    1 week ago Meagan Anne Pierce-Goodland
    Victoria Pierce-Goodland
    1 week ago Elaine Marie Parker
    Awesome - and congratulations.
    1 week ago Adam Mensik
    Emma Rae
    1 week ago Anitra Crook-Eden
    Michael Eden here they are in the zoo lol get out into the country side and see some in the wild
    1 week ago Lucie O'Reilly
    They are beautiful, would love to know more about this breed
  • 1 week ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    Our new lemur habitat supports species from Madagascar, but there are more than just lemurs!
    Meet the newest additions to the TransAlta Rainforest – panther chameleons. This unique species gives our visitors a peek at some of the animals that inhabit Madagascar; of the 160 species of chameleons in the world, 59 of them can only be found there!
    Although they are listed on the IUCN Red List as least concern, they are often sought after aggressively by the pet trade. #conservationconversation
    Timeline Photos
    1 week ago Scott Nickerson
    1 week ago Alex Fehr
    1 week ago Katelyn Gallup
    Will you guys ever be re-opening creatures of the night?
    1 week ago Michelle Hogg
    So cool we saw him last week
    1 week ago Chris Lenfesty
    Had a nice surprise on Fathers day. Thought I was going to see some Bats but instead some awesome chameloens!
    1 week ago Kirsten Rohling
    Opening day is on my calendar!!!!
    1 week ago Barbara de Lima
    I wasn't wondering, what happened to the bats?
    1 week ago Terri Spivak
    He's pretty amazing! #fathersdayatzoo!
  • 1 week ago by The Calgary Zoo

    The Calgary Zoo
    We see you, tough guy.
    Happy #FathersDay to the dads out there!
    Photo credit: Mike Kyffin
    Timeline Photos
    1 week ago Peak Pen
    1 week ago Lori Stephen
    How did he get named Sue?

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