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Calgary Alberta T2H 0K8
(403) 259-2022

CF Chinook Centre boasts 250+ stores, including top retailers and unique choices that you won't find anywhere else in Calgary. Home to major department and flagship stores exclusive only to Chinook Centre, we take pride in being Calgary’s premier shopping, dining & entertainment destination.

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  • 1 day ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    Slide, skate, bob, curl - we’re excited the 2018 Winter Olympic Games are around the corner! What sporting event are you looking forward to most?
    43 minutes ago Jacquie Cantley
    44 minutes ago Jacquie Cantley
    I like most of them but the skating is great to watch and bobsled well just about any of them lol
    2 hours ago Stefanie Holick
    Winter Olympics are my favourite. I watch it all! Go Canada 🇨🇦!
    2 hours ago Teresa De Baie
    Figure skating
    2 hours ago Laurie Slezak
    Of course figure skating but I will be watching it all. I am a true Olympic junky!!
    2 hours ago Sheryl Blackie
    Figure Skating
    3 hours ago Doreen Nowosad
    Curling---- Go Canada
    4 hours ago Jenny Hoops
    Biathlon Go Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
    1 day ago Geraldo San Pedro
    I noticed the "CF" added to the billboard above the CHINOOK CENTER.. and just wonder what the CF stands for.. ANYONE KNOW?
    1 day ago Kaytie Taylor
    Figure Skating. Speed skating. Hockey. Go Canada! 💝💝💝
  • 1 week ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    Who else is excited to see Team Canada / Équipe Canada compete for gold next month? Be sure to visit us, the Official Home of Team Canada during the 2018 Winter Games to cheer on our athletes!
    4 days ago Fátima Méndez
    6 days ago Glenn Draper
    How dressy this is Glenn Draper would love to see you sometime we're proud of you and you keep up your great work here's Lounelle hi Tracy I loved hearing you play the piano I love your little hat we are praying for you we love you Lounelle with
    1 week ago Dan Newman
    Go Canada, take Silver!
  • 2 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    Happy New Year! We're open today from 11am to 7pm. Say hello to 2018 with us!
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  • 3 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    Don't miss out on our favourite shopping day of 2017! Embrace the savings this Boxing Day.
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  • 4 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    Just in time for holiday shopping, we’ve opened the new pedestrian bridge! Great for warming up, crossing Macleod and snapping iconic #yyc pics
    Photos from CF Chinook Centre's post
    1 week ago Mike Bowcott
    Nice to see a piece of Calgary history permanently removed for this thing and the 17mill food court Reno. Can't wait for another Starbucks and cupcake spot👌
    4 weeks ago Marcella Gotto
    Let me know when.
    4 weeks ago Tracy Preece
    Nice to see it open but hugely disappointed to see you closed the pedestrian crosswalk at street level on the other side. Not everyone using the crosswalk is going to or coming from the mall.
    4 weeks ago Aladji Mamadou
    it is very beautiful but we wanted a large parking Thanks
    4 weeks ago Nader Essa
    Who is the architect?
    4 weeks ago JB Morrison
    It would of been nice if they built it all the way to Chinook Ctrain station!
    4 weeks ago Tammy Kuntz
    Is there more parking then across from the mall ?
    4 weeks ago Ticu Crihana
    Does anyone know if the food concession stands will be open for a movie that starts at 3:10am?
    4 weeks ago Michelle Grace
    We love it! So nice not dealing with the crazy parking at the mall 👍🏻
    4 weeks ago Kaytie Taylor
    Love this new addition to the mall!! Always changing, expanding and growing is such a good thing!!
  • 4 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    Treat yourself to the CF Gift Wrap Valet this season! We'll wrap your gifts while you relax - and don't forget, portions of the proceeds go to ME to WE. Located on the upper level by Second Cup.
    CF Gift Wrap Valet
    4 weeks ago Peter Ginakos
    One of the busiest Malls (if not The) ... per s.f. in north America. ...
    4 weeks ago Michelle Murphy
    Chris Murphy
  • 4 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    We’re all spruced up with holiday decor! Get into the spirit of the season with us by snapping a picture with the decorations and sharing it!
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    4 weeks ago Ben HF Tsui
    your new plus 15 bridge needs Xmas decorations... so bare and lifeless!
    4 weeks ago Rita Cavell Pamplin
    Nice coat.....
    4 weeks ago Eugene Saleem Shah
    This Is At Chinook Mall Across Koodo My Cell Phone Provider.
  • 5 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    The feeling you get around the holidays only comes once a year. Head to Coach for the perfect holiday gift!
    30% Off Holiday Sale | COACH Official Site
  • 5 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    The new bridge is officially open! Curious to see it for yourself? Head on down to check it out.
    Photos from CF Chinook Centre's post
    5 weeks ago Bravo Henri
    LOL what's with this city and getting excited about bridges and walkways...
    5 weeks ago Arden Shibley
    What I really want to know is where the dinosaur went?
    5 weeks ago Reuben Burns
    Chinook Airport is looking fresh.
    5 weeks ago David Hoffman
    Should take out the outside sidewalk and let the lights go more smoothly force pedestrians to use the bridge (only pedestrian light would be to cross the street at the bridge)
    no more piss tunnel finanally, and nice that its straight into the mall
    5 weeks ago Colton Szulc
    U know people are still gonna be taking the sidewalk......
    5 weeks ago Jefferson Salvador
    Was this funded by the mall's management?
    5 weeks ago Chris CJ
    No more rapey pee tunnel yayyyy 2017 what a time to be alive.
    5 weeks ago Mike Black
    Emma it’s open!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just in time for Boxing Day 😉😉😉😉😉
    5 weeks ago Joe Wrobleski
    Nicer than the peace bridge
    5 weeks ago Barbara Paolini
    What happened to the down escalator, for lugging all those shopping bags back to the train?!
  • 5 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    Our brand new CF Gift Wrap Valet is calling your name! After a long day of shopping, we're here to lighten the load. A portion of the proceeds will benefit WE, CF's national partner in supporting youth empowerment. Located on the upper level by Second Cup.
    CF Gift Wrap Valet
    5 weeks ago Vernice Sinnott
  • 6 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    MARC CAIN is announcing their celebrity campaign with Kelly Rohrbach, just in time for the holidays. For the first time, they are partnering with ELLE Canada for a Holiday Style Event, taking place on Thursday, December 7 from 4 to 9 pm.
    USA/CANADA - Marc Cain GmbH
  • 7 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    ICYMI, our friends CHOIR CHOIR CHOIR and Ruth B visited us to help unveil our beautiful trees. Come visit and experience the magic for yourself!
    7 weeks ago Marilyn Westerman
    How can we start this in Calgary?
    7 weeks ago Stevie-Rhiannon Iantkow
    This was really fun! Can’t wait for next year!
    7 weeks ago Barb Huntrods
    soo welldone
  • 8 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    The day you've been waiting for all season is almost here - Black Friday! Find exclusive sales and the best deals of the day.
    CF Chinook Centre | Mall Promotions
  • 8 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    Soak up the sights of the season with our festive holiday decor. It's the most magical time of the year.
    5 weeks ago Alain Andrew Alviar
    Julienne Mission
    8 weeks ago Bau Kim Giang
    I know your mom like this
  • 8 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    Santa Claus is coming to town! Book your family’s spot to see the jolliest man in the world and skip the line! Text (403) 910-9022 or click the link below for more information
    Visit with Santa
    7 weeks ago Phil Jones
    It's still November homies ..hahaha
    7 weeks ago Susan Shawn McPherson
    Very disappointed in the new set up! Feels like you're visiting Santa while he's on holiday at the lodge! No sleigh, no Christmas feel to it. 😞
    8 weeks ago Elizabeth Helen
    Why the change in set-up? Can we find the old style at another location? We loved the feeling of visiting the North Pole and sitting in Santa's Sleigh! It was magical!! I understand Market Mall and Chinook are both C.F. Properties however it would be nice to have different options available at each mall.
    8 weeks ago Katie Flury
    I’m so sad to hear you changed the set up this year 😢 I have come to Chinook for the past 10 years because they were always the same. Not much reason to head there instead of crossiron or market mall now.
    8 weeks ago Jennifer Thorne
    Jenelle Carto bad moms style or nah
    8 weeks ago Sara Rolfe
    Another suggestion is going to cross iron you get a number and come back in a hour so u don’t have to wait
    8 weeks ago Lisa Cyr Clark
    Why advertise for no wait time tickets if they’re not available?... it’s disappointing.
    8 weeks ago Christine Elizabeth Decaen
    You have to book to see Santa?! Geez
    8 weeks ago Kadie Beaulieu
    Are all the tickets gone already!? It's showing unavailable for every day and time slot...
  • 8 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    You’re invited to join us this Tuesday as we unveil our tree with the help from our friends CHOIR CHOIR CHOIR. Visit us at 6:00PM in Centre Court to experience the magic with us!
    8 weeks ago Tiffany LeBlanc
    To call it a holiday tree means it’s a tree for everyone’s holiday, not just Christmas. If I say merry Christmas and someone says they celebrate Hanukkah then I’ll say happy Hanukkah. I don’t want to say happy holidays because I only celebrate one, but feel free to tell me what u celebrate and I’ll wish u a happy one. We don’t have to be offended by everything. Don’t people get exhausted being so offended all the time?
    8 weeks ago Louis Paksi
    It's a Christmas tree not a holiday tree.. It's a Christian holiday so respect the Christian way .. If that offends you then please feel free not to celebrate our Christmas ..
    8 weeks ago Avo Vano
    CHRISTMAS TREE!! See to some people this is nitpicking or going overboard but to me this is wrong!! I am Canadian, as such, my culture has recognized CHRISTMAS for a very long time. First Nation's mention it in 1621 with "Jesous Ahatonhia" or the Huron Carol; telling the story of baby Jesus. In 1645, French colonists gathered together in a church in Québec City to attend midnight mass and began to sing Chantons Noé, an old Christmas carol that they had brought from France. So Christmas is very much a big part of Canadian culture and should NOT be set aside to appease anybody. I am inclusive when I add Happy Holidays AFTER Merry Christmas. And if there is another celebration that is decorating big evergreen trees in December that I am unaware of then by all means inform me. Otherwise keep your dang PC hands off of my CHRISTMAS tree!!
    8 weeks ago Erin Suszko
    Christmas is a pagan holiday firstly though so it doesn’t even matter 😂
    Also, the idea of calling it a Holiday Tree isn’t to avoid offending people, it’s to instead make sure to be inclusive of those who celebrate different holidays during the same season, aka Kwanza, Hanukkah, etc. The whiniest people are never those ‘offended’ by the use of the word Christmas, it’s always those who are SO appalled that the season doesn’t fully revolve around Christmas(even though there are literal Christmas stores/concerts/trees/decorations/movies/songs, etc dedicated to the day but I guess that’s not enough.) 👍🏻
    8 weeks ago Lea Cheeseman
    People who are offended by the word "holiday" make me laugh. Christmas IS a holiday! It is INCLUDED in the word holiday! It's like being mad at someone for saying cheese pizza instead of cheddar pizza. It's the same thing only one is a more broad way of saying it!
    8 weeks ago Betti A. McLellan
    Apparently they don't know that this HOLIDAY is CHRISTMAS. That would make this tree a CHRISTMAS TREE.
    8 weeks ago Nancy Beamish
    It's a CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!
    8 weeks ago Sharlene Rose
    Holiday Tree.. really!. What is that supposed to be?
    8 weeks ago Joan Diane Beaton
    Yes it is a Christmas tree. I am disappointed to hear it called otherwise.
    8 weeks ago Carla Cattoni
    It is called a "Christmas Tree." You are so worried about offending people who do not celebrate Christmas that you have begun to offend those who do Celebrate Christmas. 😒
  • 9 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    Calling all makeup gurus! Join us on November 16th as we officially welcome NYX Professional Makeup to CF Chinook Centre.
    Timeline Photos
  • 9 weeks ago by CF Chinook Centre

    CF Chinook Centre
    We will remember them. #LestWeForget
    Timeline Photos
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