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Country 600 CKAT - AM 600 North Bay picture

Country 600 CKAT - AM 600 North Bay

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Radio Stations
273 Main Street East
North Bay Ontario P1B 1B2
(705) 474-2528 (contest)

Description: Country 600 CKAT. Your top news and sports leader for the North Bay area playing Today's Best Country.

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  • NEWS
  • 1 hour ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    Love this Woman! Ashley Graham is gorgeous, intelligent, kind, funny and now she's 90's Country! ha! #CheckItOut ~ Wendy Boomer
  • 3 hours ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    The Vegas "Taco Bell Weddings" have commenced and I have to say, they are much classier than I imagined! ~ Wendy Boomer
    See Inside This Couple’s Lavish Taco Bell Wedding
  • 15 hours ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    Ari gets to go home! After 6 months of being in hospital, he gets to leave EARLY!
    You see, Ari - the biggest Sox fan in the world! - had a heart transplant. And after 189 days in hospital, he FINALLY gets to go home and practice his swing. ;)
    ~ Care #favouritestoryontheinternet #noyourecrying <3
    Red Sox invite inspiring 5-year-old heart transplant patient to Fenway Park
  • 16 hours ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    HA! I love this!
    Every 5 years, these 5 friends get together for a recreation of their fave photo from 1982. Well - 2017 meant it was time to regroup! #friendshipgoals
    ~ Care
    Five Friends Take Same Photo For 35 Years, And Go Viral Again In 2017 With Their Newest Pic
  • 16 hours ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    You too?? lol
    ~ Care
    BuzzFeed Health
  • 18 hours ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    These were super tough photos to post over the weekend.
    BUT - I talk so much about being body positive, I felt I needed to post these pics for my daughter who was struggling to buy a bathing suit yesterday.
    She's only 10, and this is a pretty critical time in her life when it comes to self-image.
    So, I figured, set an example! These photos are dedicated to her, my other son and daughter, and of course TO YOU!
    Remember - to get a bikini body, put a bikini on your body. And get out on the beach this summer. <3
    ~ Care xoxo
    17 hours ago Tammy Keith-Warga
    Be proud of any body you have!!! We are all perfect just the way we are..#menandwomen
    17 hours ago Carol Clark Martin
    Who cares what you look like, if people don't like it, then don't look, that's my opinion...
  • 1 day ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    There are other people celebrating Anniversaries aside from Harry Potter ya know! ha! Congrats to 11yrs Keith + Nicole = <3
    Instagram post by Keith Urban • Jun 25, 2017 at 2:55pm UTC
  • 1 day ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    Here ya go Harry Potter Fans (or "PottHeads as I like to call them :P) If you post the name of any of the Harry Potter houses -- Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor or Ravenclaw today on FB something magical will happen! Same thing goes for Harry Potter, as we celebrate 20 yrs!!! (Why does a kid wizard make me feel so old?) ~ Wendy Boomer ⚡
  • 1 day ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    Best photo from Glastonbury goes to..... Chris Simmons: “When you get your photo with Brad Pitt photobombed by Bradley Cooper!” #LOL ~ Wendy Boomer
    Instagram post by Chris Simmons • Jun 23, 2017 at 5:56pm UTC
  • 3 days ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    Our Deputy Mayor want to know how the city can cut down on pedestrian accidents. What do you suggest?
    Road safety top of mind for North Bay's Deputy Mayor - Country 600
    1 day ago Bonnie Yvonne Baglole
    use the old school yard for parking behind the sub shop!
    1 day ago Tom Arens
    Cross walks with lights overhead to stop traffic when called on
    2 days ago Silke Menard
    Yes I do see alot of people when walking that don't look before crossing . Or cross where ever they want to But also drivers should still watch as well.
    2 days ago William Tony
    Re teach people how to walk. How to look both ways. And try and explain that a vehicle weighs alot more then a human.
    Also what a cross walk is. (Im horrible for j walking).
    3 days ago Irving Briscoe
    Give tickets to the speeders. Give tickets to anyone walking and texting.
    3 days ago Mark Shannon
    Enforcement, enforcement, enforcement! NBPS only has one dedicated traffic officer for NB & Callender, that's a lot of roads for one guy to do. The Deputy Mayor suggest better signage. Well, you can put up billboards and that won't accomplish anything unless the laws are enforced!
    3 days ago Michael Fenyvesi
    Stop making parking lot across the street from the medical center it's crazy people shouldn't have to cross a busy street to get blood work done or see there doctor move the medical building all together or provide safer parking in the same lot crazy most of the people that use this building are seniors
    3 days ago Stephen Kitzul
    Remember Elmer the Safety Elephant from the 50's, 60's and 70's? Get that program going again to teach people to look both ways, to walk facing traffic, and to be constantly aware of their surroundings. Also, retrain drivers! In this city, they always seem to want to drive 60-70km/hr in 50 zones, not stopping at stop signs (rolling stops), and generally being unaware of what's happening around them!
    3 days ago Kimberly Anne Wagg
    Watch for cars! Good lord didn't we all learn crossing road safety when young?
    3 days ago Jason Ready
    Stop the plan (by the deputy mayor) to put free WiFi downtown.... you think people stare at their phones now? Imagine how little they will pay attention to vehicle traffic then!
  • 3 days ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    This Japanese Diver Has Been Visiting His Best Friend Fish For 25 Years Now
  • 4 days ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    Legit, giant food has taken over. OVER!
    Who's hungry??
    ~ Care
    Viral Thread
    2 days ago Joanna de Haan
    Sarah Jane Amanda Bentley Philip Howard
    3 days ago Kimberly Daigle
    I don't get it. 🤔
    3 days ago Mike Muloin
    Meghan Walker
  • 4 days ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    Jason Benoit 's new digital album "Waves" is now available! And today, he's hanging out for an interview + performance!
    ~ Care
    Timeline Photos
  • 4 days ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    Question of the Day:
    This is so fun. A conversation has been circulating lately around my family and friends. If you could date a FICTIONAL CHARACTER, who would it be?
    I think I'd go with Wesley from Princess Bride. ;)
    So ... #QOTD: Which fictional character owns YOUR heart? <3
    ~ Care
    Timeline Photos
    3 days ago Mïťchell Stacey
    James Alexander Malcum Mackenzie Fraser 😍😍😍😍👩‍👩‍👧‍👦
    4 days ago Julie Robert Gardiner
    Dean Winchester
    4 days ago Krissi Doreen
    Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series
    4 days ago Mary Ellen Evers Kelly
    Superman. I always wanted to fly!!
    4 days ago Roseanne Young
    oh for me Daryl from The Walking Dead, hands down :)
  • 4 days ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    Well. I suppose if you NEED a money clip, you probably have enough disposable cash to buy a 200 hundred dollar designer paper/money clip to keep all them bills together. ;)
    ~ Care
    Laura Vitale on Twitter
  • 4 days ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    Tonight's Lotto Max is $10,000,000 est.. Want to win $100 in LOTTO MAX with ENCORE lottery tickets? Then comment below and tell us what rich celebrity you would hang out with after you won the millions!
    Jackpot Radio - Country 600
    3 days ago Nancy Capassisit Goh
    Michael Jackson lol
    3 days ago Marg MacDonald
    johnny Reid
    4 days ago Wilma Stewart
    Sean Connery
    4 days ago Tammy Peters St Jean
    Keith Urban .
    4 days ago Jan Scott
    Brad Paisley
    4 days ago Garry Scott
    Jason Aldean
    4 days ago Claudette Dumas
    George Straight
  • 4 days ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    YES! Many a summer!
    ~ Care
    4 days ago John Dufoe
    i remember chippewa creek and trails and dead mans. hill going down it by foot and bike ..picking fiddle heads ...finding a cold beer unopened cooling in creek occasiinal fort and nudey books....lmao
  • 4 days ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    2 spikebelts, a taser and several charges for a Timmins man after police pursuit through North Bay Thursday night. http://www.country60...-thursday-night/
    Timmins man charged after police pursuit in the city Thursday night - Country 600
  • 4 days ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    I love the idea of "Dive In" movies.
    Could you watch "Jaws" while floating in an inner tube?!
    ~ Care
    Floating Screenings Of "Jaws" Take Terror To A New Level
    1 day ago Katrina Hartin
    Yes I would!
    4 days ago Kate Gleason
    Stacey Hanam
    4 days ago Kay Mc
    Andrea Teresa AdeleSarah ChristineBrittany Kathleen
    4 days ago Robert Brian
    Jessica Leah, thoughts?
    4 days ago Josie L-o
    4 days ago Renee Charlebois
    Absolutely !
    4 days ago Pam Taylor
    No thanks
    4 days ago Nikki Leblanc
    too close for comfort, for me
    4 days ago Kimberly Daigle
    Could be an amazing fundraising event
    4 days ago Micheal Artindale
    I'd be the one in scuba gear touching people's feet.
  • 5 days ago by Country 600 CKAT

    Country 600 CKAT
    Fashion Alert!
    Okay, this was sent to me via Twitter by Christina. I think they're actually kinda rad. Dancers could probably get a lot of out of these.
    What say you?
    ~ Care
    Top Knot
    4 days ago Mary Ellen Evers Kelly
    Looking at this would bring on the onset of a migraine for People who suffer from them.
    4 days ago CT Karen Starr
    What a time to be alive..

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