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Doug's Snow Plowing & Sanding Ltd.

Landscaping and Snow Removal Contractors
540 First Street
London Ontario N5V 1Z3
(519) 451-4349

It’s that time of the year again – where you need that beautiful white snow, off your space. At Doug’s Snowplowing & Sanding, we offer a variety of needs that will ensure your property is safe to drive and even walk in. We offer, commercial snow removal, industrial snow removal, government building lots, plaza, multi-unit dwelling lots, churches and schools – these are our specialties. Sidewalks – ensuring that they are cleared and deiced. De-icing, you can choose between sand/salt mix or road salt for your property. Our team is constantly monitoring the weather conditions, so we are dispatched accordingly and ensure that our site visit is free of seasonal issues. Our snowplow company has a variety different types of equipment that will cater to your property, just get a quote today. We offer three packages, monthly, all-inclusive or per-time! We understand we are a seasonal company and want to make sure our contractor job will ensure you will want to call us back for the next Canadian winter season!

Snow Plowing, Sidewalks, Deicing Products

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