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273 Main Street East
North Bay Ontario P1B 1B2
(705) 474-2000 (office)

Description: KiSS 100.5 North Bay - Today's Best Music!

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  • 2 hours ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    It's PJ - a herpetology student has the world wide web losing its collective mind trying to find the snake in this picture. I gave up after 10 minutes. Can YOU find it?
    Radio PJ
    2 hours ago Melissa Marie New
    I found it :) after 3 seconds of actual looking lol
    2 hours ago Joseph Turner
    2 hours ago Misty McIntosh
  • 5 hours ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    Home invasion in Sturgeon Falls leads to charges.
    Home invasion in Sturgeon Falls leads to charges - KiSS 100.5 North Bay
  • 7 hours ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    This Friday's LOTTO MAX Jackpot is $13,000,000 EST! Want to win $100 in LOTTO MAX with ENCORE lottery tickets? Comment below to be entered into our draw! We will draw a winner at 9am tomorrow morning (April 28th).
    ***You must be over 18, live within the terrestrial broadcast radius of KiSS 100.5 North Bay, and not have won an OLG contest from KiSS 100.5 within the last 30 days. Our general radio contest rules apply.***
    Jackpot Radio - KiSS 100.5 North Bay
    3 hours ago Dave Morin
    Count me in!
    4 hours ago Rhonda-Lee Coleman
    pick me !!! pick me !!! please and thank you
    4 hours ago Pamela Coutu
    This is the greatest contest ever!! Thank you to KISS North Bay for doing this.
    5 hours ago Stephen Couroux
    That would be nice
    6 hours ago Laura Lea
    Yes please - have my eye on a surprise Fathers day gift :)
    7 hours ago Jennifer Laframboise
    Me please...
    7 hours ago Melissa Ranger
    Yes please! :)
    7 hours ago Pam Voght
    Fingers crossed
    7 hours ago Brad White
    Good morning to the kiss team I would love to be the winner of the tickets and money thank you
    7 hours ago Claudette Dumas
    Me please
  • 8 hours ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    We tried to peel a banana the "proper" way...
    5 hours ago Zane Smith
    You cover the hard hitting media stories
    5 hours ago Kimberly Drew
    Bad pinch!
    With practice it gets easier. I always open them from the bottom now lol
    5 hours ago Camille Walters
    The topics in the evening too i need to rurn radio off when kids are around. Its really not necessary. Please talk about animals. Or fun things . gardening. Its not Jerry Springer.
    5 hours ago Nikki Leblanc
    Kevin, you really need to find a hobby.....LOL
    7 hours ago Shawn Sandy Allard
    Just wanted to let you know I tried it to and the best part was you had a stem to hold on to at the end unlike the other way. Thanks Anne for that wonderful tip. I know my daughter will love it to. Easy Peasy !!
    8 hours ago Mandy Turner
    Bad pinch lol just need a small pinch using 1 hand just enough to see it split & then peel
    8 hours ago Nadia Sullivan
    I've tried opening from the bottom cuz you don't get "the strings" and it doesn't matter which way you open it, you still get them. I prefer to open from the top.
    8 hours ago Nipisha Brazeau
    I peel that end but I don't pinch. That way you get the gross end off at the same time!
    8 hours ago Sabra Clark Bareis
    very good...your banana looks a little ripe...see now your just like a monkey!! lol
    8 hours ago Ann Falardeau
    Bad pinch for sure!!
  • 20 hours ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    Who can relate? 😅😴
    This the number one word Canadian women use to describe how they feel
    10 hours ago Candice Fendelet
    I can't remember the study but women need more sleep than men!
    19 hours ago Lola Dupuis
    I said I needed a nap... then I realized it was bedtime
  • 22 hours ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    What is something you don't know how to do but wish you did? ~Kevin
    9 hours ago Karen Labelle
    With regards to peeling a banana.... peel from the bottom like a charm
    15 hours ago Linda Large
    Play the guitar. Have a nice acoustic guitar, haven't learned to play it.
    17 hours ago Shawn Racine
    I want to know how to satisfy my urge to not always waisting away a good thing!
    17 hours ago Francis Hanover
    Pee standing up
    19 hours ago Macrina Lynn
    I wish I knew why automotive companies designed vehicles that don't take and entire jug of washer fluid!!!!!! I currently have 2 nearly empty jugs in my trunk.
    19 hours ago Gerri-Lyn Thompson Cicciarelli
    I wish I knew how to drive a stick shift and tie a tie!
    20 hours ago Bill Melater
    Ditto on what everyone posted plus much more including tying a tie.
    20 hours ago Linda Muir
    Photograph silky smooth water. I will get it eventually as I'm almost there!
    21 hours ago Tammy Meulemeester
    Carpentry. My dad didn't want to teach me since he's left handed and doesn't always hold the tools the proper way. My husband rarely has time to spare. He's wanted to teach me "some day", but after 26 years I don't know if some day will ever arrive.
    If anyone knows of a carpentry course...
    22 hours ago Brittany McCarthy
    I wish there was a free auto mechanics course for women to teach them how to do basic car things. Mainly to teach me. But im sure I am not alone in this? Things like changing tires, headlights, the oil. That kind of stuff.
  • 1 day ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    Does it upset you when someone parks in front of your house?
    How would you go about getting them to stop? 475-1005
    ~Cody B~
    Timeline Photos
    23 hours ago Mike Fortin
    I hate it. Here's a story: I used to live in a semi on a busy street. So, in the winter, I would clear the snow in front of my house (the curb) so that I could pull in and back in to my driveway. This way, it would be safer going out. One day, I get home, and my friggen neighbour is parked there. I knock on his door and ask him, could you move your car please - I don't snowblow an extra 10'x20' of snow for you... he was like: oh, sorry...
    23 hours ago Kayla MacMillan
    We use to live across the high school on obrien and it was non stop people blocking my driveway . I one time walked home with my 2 toddlers and newborn and thanked the person for blocking my driveway and informed them how I had just had a baby and had to haul everyone up the road. So rude . People would park for hours . Thankfully we moved . Far away lol.
    23 hours ago Steve Fountain
    when i lived in an apartment people would always park in my parking spot, one day i pulled on just as someone was getting out of their vehicle, i told them it was my spot, and he actually had the nerve to tell me he would only be a few minutes, i said go ahead but your car wont be there when u come back and started to get a tow strap out of my truck lol
    1 day ago Renelle Viau
    I don't mind when they park in front of the house, except if they block the walkway to my front door, especially since there's no sidewalk, then my guests have to walk on the lawn. That's definitely a pet peeve for me!
    1 day ago Lisa Cherry
    Hate it! But haven't said anything because we have a big driveway.
    1 day ago Roy Leader
    I have a business beside me and sometimes they block my driveway what to do?
    1 day ago Lynn Blunt
    Everyone has a time when they have extra company and need extra parking for vehicles. Try to talk with your neighbours to let them know when you are going to have an occasion for this to happen. In fact, invite them over to join in on the event if possible. Communication and consideration is key. Leave room for your neighbour to get in and out of their driveway and do not block them in or out of their own driveway. Remember being a good neighbour goes a long way. You may have to live beside them longer than you think and you may need to have them extend to you the same courtesy!
    1 day ago Steven Arthurs
    Well technically when I lived in powassan on main st this woman who worked at a store used to park right in front of my apartment and I always had to park on the other side of the road, there were other times where drivers would park blocking the enterance to my driveway so I'd pull infront of them and back up and block them in, and than make them try and get out. Thankfully I live in the country now and don't have that problem now.
    1 day ago Laurie Woods-Murray
    Yes because they over hang my driveway and then after they leave I have to go back out to move my car over to get our second vehicle in.
    1 day ago Kim Rupert Pitz
    When the neighbour's have visitors they always park on my front lawn. Drives me nuts. Why can't they park on the lawn of the people that they are visiting.
  • 1 day ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    Google your pet's name, click images, post the photo and see if we can guess what you named your pet!
    My cat isn't very hard...
    ~Cody B~
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Jessica Wickens
    1 day ago Sheri Marceau
    1 day ago Emma Burke
    1 day ago Em Ma
    1 day ago Krissi Doreen
    1 day ago Jenna-Anne Webster
    1 day ago Stacey Millette
    1 day ago Mike Sprague
    1 day ago Joseph Turner
  • 1 day ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    A family from Texas has gone viral after they built a mini-Blockbuster store in their home for their autistic son, who was devastated when his local Blockbuster shut down!
    Photo Credit: @Javiii_Zuniga / Twitter
    Timeline Photos
    17 hours ago Allison Bullen
    1 day ago Melissah Jennifer Jean
    1 day ago Barbara Silver
    awesome! well done parents! as a mom to a 42 year old autistic daughter.. things like this can be devastating, sadly sometimes nothing can be done, but a case like this.. it was! 😍
    1 day ago Sam Depatie
    This is love. You guys are warriors, caring for your kids and their struggles the way you do.
    1 day ago Michelle Jackett-Webster
    Totally get it. These kinds of changes shut my kids down.
  • 1 day ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    Happy Birthday to Canada's oldest living person and North Bay resident Ellen ``Dolly'' Gibb who turns 112 today!!!! :)
    1 day ago Wendy Aultman
    She is an amazing woman. And I have the pleasure of being apart of her homecare team!! Happy birthday Dolly!! See you soon!!
    1 day ago Jeanne Beaulieu
    Bon la personne la plus âgée au Canada est ici à North Bay. Elle a 112 ans.
    1 day ago Helle Conville
    Happy birthday, Dolly - love, continued good health and much happiness from the Convilles 🎊🎉💕
    1 day ago Joanne Neumann Peters
    Woohoo!! Happy Birthday Dolly!
    1 day ago Melyssa Berard
    Happy Birthday young lady. Here's to another year of health and happiness <3
    1 day ago Claudine Langevin
    Happy Birthday Ellen x 112. You must have incredible stories to tell. Wishing you health and happiness.
    1 day ago Erica Wice-Rogerson
    Happy Birthday🎂Wishing you love, health and happiness😊🎈🎉
    1 day ago Monique Lachance
    Happy Birthday Ellen, wishing you an amazing one! 😀
    1 day ago Sarah McCarthy
    Happy Birthday! Oh the things you have seen and the stories you could tell I imagine. How wonderful :) wishing you love, health and happiness in your 112th year!
    1 day ago Lora McMeekin
    I'm going to meet my neighbour today and bring her a birthday Bud! 🍻Cheers Dolly!
  • 1 day ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    Hypothetical question ... you pull into a paid parking lot at 5:30pm. Paid parking ends at 6pm. Do you still put money in the meter? Or do you feel cofindent that the meter person will give you a pass since its the end of the day? ~Kevin
    21 hours ago Teri Farnell
    PAY. $2 (tops) for half an hour is way worth risking a parking ticket (no clue how much they are, but I know they're over $2)
    1 day ago Julie Boolie Oolie
    I once parked at 5:50 and got a ticket. To make it worse I was 3 minutes and caught them ticketing me at 5:53. They were very firm paid parking applies until 6.
    1 day ago Aline Foisy
    i live on worthington and i have seen a guy hide behind a tree here with a camera just waiting to nab some no way would i ever take that chance.....btw!!!!!! its worse here on
    1 day ago Carol Clark Boissonneault
    We had these very conversation tonight As we were walking away from the car/towards the meter, some guy gave us his ticket that had enough time on it to get us past 6pm! WIN WIN for thank you to the guy in the parking lot at the Capital Centre this evening :)
    1 day ago Sarah McCarthy
    Don't do it!!! (Not pay I mean) I parked in the Capitol Center parking lot at 5:45 and had the mentality of what are the odds?...yeah got a ticket :( I swear we have parking meter ninjas downtown lol!
    1 day ago Christina Gates
    I feel like at the end of the day the parking person has probably reached the limit of their patience with parking violations and will be sure to nail me. Pay it!
    1 day ago Macrina Lynn
    I'm a risk taker! That being said, I'm currently wanted in 2 different cities for parking violations! Maybe don't follow my
    1 day ago Angele Vachon Trudel
    ....all depends on my mood!....if I hv just went and did my taxes...I'll say f*** it! ....if I hv a bad gut feeling I'll curse a Lil and put in a bit of change.
    1 day ago Jamie-Lynn Morrison
    Yep pay...there is one that loves to watch the meters end of day for that reason lol
    1 day ago Ryan Canning
    I'd pay for the last 30 minutes...the last 10, I may risk it. That's right ladies..I'm a bad boy... :D
  • 2 days ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    What's your "go-to" comfort movie? 475-1005
    Mine has to be The Princess Bride.
    ~Cody B~
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago David Certossi
    Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind
    1 day ago Jennifer Vaillancourt
    50 First Dates or What Dreams May Come.
    1 day ago Stephanie Schiavo
    Couples Retreat lol
    1 day ago Angela McNeil-Ingram
    1 day ago Marcy Vaillancourt Pigeau
    Note 📚 book or Bridget dairy all of them
    1 day ago Tracey Miller
    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    2 days ago Kayla Howard
    10 Things I Hate About You. The movie that made me fall in love with Heath Ledger!
    2 days ago Matt Belford
    Zombie world
    2 days ago Lindsay Laferriere
    Hands down, Labyrinth! I know that movie like back of my hand.
    2 days ago Jenna Reid
    Dirty dancing 😊
  • 2 days ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    Describe your perfect date?
    ~Cody B~
    Image: Reddit user cybermage
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Nick Cadieux
    April 25 (21 years ago) is when I started date my NOW husband ... so I guess I agree ... lol
    2 days ago Kevin Jackson
    Lol Dana Drake this what u were talking about?
    2 days ago Vince Malinowski
    August 1st. Because it's my birthday
    2 days ago Paula Cormier
    A cottage on a lake, secluded. Warm night, cold beer. Skinny dipping, dancing and long night of naughtiness!!
  • 2 days ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    No sign of any #ONworstroads in the North Bay area http://www.kissnorth...orst-roads-area/
    No sign of any "worst roads" in the area - KiSS 100.5 North Bay
    17 hours ago Courtenay Victoria Pratt
    Lee Avenue is horrible. Like a roller coaster. My husband and I go 30 down our end between Judge st. And St Charles. But other just fly down people scrape the bottom of their cars all the time. Not saying ours is the worst but it definitely needs attention
    1 day ago Eric Desjardins
    Oakwood Avenue is a mess, been​living at the PHARA building for 4 years and this road gets worse every year. Also , Clarence Street is a bumpy mess.
    1 day ago Tammy Martel
    How about Trunk Road in Rutherglen. The "pothole" is so big you can see right under the road!
    2 days ago Seguin Celynne
    Lakeshore is horrible...
    2 days ago Colin Hanshaw
    Lol doesn't the mayors brother "take care" of the roads? :p
    2 days ago Karen Ryman
    O'Brien St nearly swallowed my car!
    2 days ago Lola Dupuis
    Just because you're not the worst doesn't mean it doesn't still suck.
    2 days ago Tracy Page Parent
    Add all the garbage everywhere North Bay looks like a wreck.
    2 days ago Jamie Smith
    Why complain? Nothing gets done.
    2 days ago Michele Drinkwalter
    Lets just say Most of North Bay roads could easily qualify.
  • 2 days ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    *** CONTEST NOW CLOSED *** Congrats to our winner Pamela Coutu!
    This Wednesday's LOTTO 6/49 Jackpot is $12,000,000 EST. plus 1 x Guaranteed $1 Million Prize! Want to win $100 in LOTTO 6/49 with ENCORE lottery tickets? Comment below to be entered into our draw! We will draw a winner at 9am tomorrow morning (April 26th). Good luck!
    ***You must be over 18, live within the terrestrial broadcast radius of KiSS 100.5 North Bay, and not have won an OLG contest from KiSS 100.5 within the last 30 days. Our general radio contest rules apply. ***
    Jackpot Radio - KiSS 100.5 North Bay
    1 day ago Bernice Aubin
    Please, please, please pick my name. Would love the chance to win.
    1 day ago Debbie Graham
    1 day ago Christine Poirier Bertrand
    I would sure be happy with these...good luck everyone!
    2 days ago Jessie Demers-Stiller
    Oh Boy, this would be absolutely wonderful!!! Good Luck everyone!!!
    2 days ago Margaret McConnell
    I would love to be entered to win thank u
    2 days ago Vince Malinowski
    Winning the tickets would be awesome. Winning any money from those tickets would be amazing.
    2 days ago Jan Scott
    Wouldn't that be wonderful 😊
    2 days ago Garry Scott
    I could use this money as well as everyone else
    2 days ago Pamela Coutu
    It would be great to win something like this!!! Thank you for your contests.
    2 days ago Diane Sloan Twomey
    Would love love love to win today!!! :)
  • 2 days ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    Near North Board officials report a loss of water means Argyle Public School is closed today. Parents and caregivers are advised to make alternate arrangements for their children. It’s not known what caused the issue or when it will be fixed.
    16 hours ago Valerie Grace
    I went to that school. I lived out there.
    2 days ago Dianna Wallace
    Where is Argyle PS? Is that the old pinewood site?
  • 2 days ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    I was away in Toronto for a few days. My co-workers who were also on the trip found it odd that I made my bed every day in my hotel room. Is that weird? What other strange things do you do when you stay in a hotel? ~Kevin
    Timeline Photos
    23 hours ago Melissa Walker
    bring sleeping bag and sleep in it, on top of their bedding (own pillow too). it creeps me out to think how many people have slept in that bed, drooled on those pillows, etc. :/
    1 day ago Michelle Laura
    I strip the bed & put all the trash in bags tied up before I leave. I had an acquaintance who worked at a hotel once who said the nicest thing a housekeeper can find is the bed stripped, it saves them a few minutes of already limited time. So that's what I do 😊
    1 day ago Melissah Jennifer Jean
    I have cleaned hotel rooms.... I. have a ha it of stripping the bed, getting the garbage all together, all the towels, and basically making it easier for the cleaning lady! I stack my dishes when eating at a restaurant too. clean the table and pile it up for the waitress. good habits!
    2 days ago Jennifer Vesterback
    when we travel to hot places I bring cleaning supplies for the bathroom with me and I clean the bathroom when I get there. and a quick cleaning of the fixtures at least once a day. plus the door knobs in the room lol.
    2 days ago Francis Hanover
    I make my bed . It's a way to ensure I haven't left anything behind that might have been hidden by the bedding wallet, phone, jewelry
    2 days ago Sandra Lavoie
    My goodness, what a germaphobic society we have become. I work in the travel industry. In the past 15 years I have slept in a hotel bed about a hundred nights a year; guess what, I am fine! I don't make my own bed but often I put the "do not disturb" sign out if only there for 2-3 nights and take care of my own cleaning.
    2 days ago Joelle Bedard
    If I'm there for a couple of days, I always make the bed, gather daily all the garbage and towels together and let the housekeeping staff know that we only need clean towels and new garbage bags, the rest of the room can wait until we leave. I was a chambermaid for six years and believe me that not having to do a few rooms a day is a bonus to them. Tip and a thank you message always are left for them too. Never forget where you came from.
    2 days ago Eric Desjardins
    Always sleep on top of the sheets or in my wheelchair, too many bad experiences with Toronto motels/hotels. That city is disgusting.
    2 days ago Christina Gates
    As an admitted germaphobe, I would not stay at a hotel that was unclean, or that does not clean their linens. That being said, i like having the bed made, my hubby doesn't.
    2 days ago Mélanie Champagne
    I always strip the bed when I leave tie my garbages and put all towels in the tub ive worked in hotels and know how gross doing that stuff can be
  • 3 days ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    What's an important conversation you and your partner should have before tying the knot?
    Timeline Photos
    2 days ago Bev Ferguson
    For a match"made in Heaven" , God first in my case...He'll determine if the right will each do to make it last and grow....
    2 days ago Mariah Viau
    Definitely future expectations (living accommodations if youve never lived together)
    Make sure both people are on the same page
    2 days ago Krissi Doreen
    Money! Always talk about all things financial, even if you decide not to meld your finances. Set clear goals and a clear budget
    3 days ago Mïťchell Stacey
    Budget(how do decide big purchases and monthly/weekly budget, babies (if so parenting styles),
    3 days ago Lynn Blunt
    Whether or not you want children 100%. This is a deal breaker. Many couples do not discuss this or think it will change over the years. Also, whether or not adoption is an option. Some times a couple is unable to conceive and you have to know what you are willing to do if that comes to pass.
    You need to know how much money each of you makes and how you plan on paying for your lifestyle. This is one of the biggest issues in a marriage. Remember, it is like running a company, and no one likes two sets of books! It is called trust.
    You have to be able to say what you really want without risking it all. That is the bottom line.
    3 days ago Erin-Ann Baker
    Beliefs, values, children, money and future expectations
    3 days ago Mike Fortin
    If you're gonna have kids: when, and will one parent stay home with child until they go to school.
    3 days ago Jenny Adshead
    Make a budget!
    This is what I make, this is my debt.
    This is what you make, this is your debt. How do we pay for everything.
    Assuming you've already discussed family/possible children and future goals.
    3 days ago Eric Desjardins
    Whether you want to have children and the same things for your life's future.
    3 days ago Cour E McCull
    If you want the same things for your future
  • 3 days ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    What is the most OBVIOUS way your child has ever tried to trick you to get their way? 475-1005
    ~Cody B~
    23 hours ago Melissa Walker
    my kids used to always be "thirsty" whenever we went out, indicating the need to go and buy drink (which also tried to weasle food too lol)
    that stopped when i started always having water bottles on hand lol
    2 days ago Angela McNeil-Ingram
    "My belly is full and if I eat more I might vomit.......but ice cream will make me feel better". He's 3 1/3
    2 days ago Angele Vachon Trudel
    ...out son has been "forgetting" his homework almost everyday!....I think my husband has "fixed" this problem tonight by telling him he couldn't go out to play in the neighborhood! Lol...we will see if it comes home tomorrw lol
    3 days ago Carly Rossignol
    When we found a little kitten abandoned outside my mom told me she would only let boy cats in the house because they where cheaper than females to fix... So I lied and said the kitten was a boy( who trusts a 6 year old with that?? Hahaha), so Arnold the cat lived with us until Arnold had kittens and became Arnett. Safe to say Arnett is still with me and celebrating her 18th birthday this fall. My mom will never forget that. We ended up spaying her and she became an only child's best friend :p now as an adult and her still with me I do not regret that trick at all hahaha
    3 days ago Candice Fendelet
    Says "I can't reach it"... when he obviously can because it's on the floor but he would have to get up to get it. He's 4!
    3 days ago Rob Kennedy
    I'm not with my son's mom, and we're constantly checking with each other to verify some of the things he says
    3 days ago Josh Kapashesit
    My daughter whenever we go for a walk. After 5 mins of walking "dad my legs and back are sore..pick me up" she's three years old .
    3 days ago Richard Paul Fortin
    saying they wont feel well, or will be better if they get what they want
    3 days ago Nancy Lynn
    My oldest used to throw away vaccination letters.
  • 3 days ago by KISS North Bay

    KISS North Bay
    Good morning! 😄
    Hope you are starting your week SMILIN'!
    ~Cody B~
    3 days ago Richard Paul Fortin
    Good morning

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