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18 King Street East
Toronto Ontario M5C 1C4
1 (800) 344-8350

Welcome to Marketing Talent Inc. on Linkedin! Follow us to stay up to date on marketing jobs, events, career advice and industry news. We are company providing interim and executive search solutions to clients across North America.

Follow us & join our network of marketers! In our business, it’s all about who you know. Fortunately, our industry contacts keep us closely in touch with, well . . . pretty much everyone you’d want to meet. And for the few that we've yet to meet, there’s better than even chance we’ll be making their acquaintance soon. You see, we know that it’s hard to discover great talent if you spend all day behind a desk, poring over resumes.

Developing a marketing network of genuine talent that you can stake your reputation on takes more than a database. Getting out there, meeting people first hand at industry functions and events, and taking active, leadership roles in the marketing community are all core functions of our business – and what makes Marketing Talent Inc. unique.

marketing staffing solutions, marketing recruitment services, interview & screening, marketing news, interim search, career development
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