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  • 9 minutes ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    The city is calling Calgary's general election a 'mixed success.'
    Calgary's 2017 general election saw highest voter turnout in 40 years: City | Metro Calgary
  • 13 minutes ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    The cow instantly became an internet sensation.
    Watch it's adventure in the link below.
    New York City police chase curious, tireless cow around Brooklyn
  • 27 minutes ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    With the arrival of the cold-and-cough season -- try stocking up on some fresh ginger root.
    Ginger Tea is easy to make — and is much cheaper than chicken soup | Metro Recipe
  • 33 minutes ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    The inquiry has heard that killings can leave communities divided and have long-lasting effects on everyone.
    Family of Indigenous woman who was decapitated say killers walk free
  • 48 minutes ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    Independent candidate Marilyn Dennis beat out long-time incumbent Pamela King in the most hotly contested wards, 5 and 10, which saw 12 people vie for the position.
    New faces around Calgary's public school board | Metro Calgary
    1 minute ago Samantha Elizabeth Lynn
    Shouldn't be forced to vote for Trustees in Wards. You should have the choice to vote for Trustees that represent designated schools!!! *pissed*
  • 58 minutes ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    "I said, 'Tell me, Mohammed, am I dead or alive?' and he says, 'You're deceased.'"
    Man fights to prove he's alive after mix-up declares him dead
  • 1 hour ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    Democratic right? Or too far? Discuss.
    Calgary Flames say media director's opinion 'their democratic right' | Metro Calgary
    7 minutes ago Robin Rad Printing
    We can say that it was directly related to the Flames Organization -- however there are individuals who have lost their jobs or missed out on a potential opportunity because of Social Media accounts....
    13 minutes ago Sandra Neufeld
    Just so Stupid!
    17 minutes ago Alyssa Ally Britany Calixte
    It may be your opinion, but a man that works for an organization of that magnitude. Should be smart enough to know to keep his himself. Especially ones of that nature.
    25 minutes ago Elise Lonsdale
    Childish, ignorant response, but, Kelso is intitled to his opinion!
    32 minutes ago Daniel Chow
    Maybe they are out of touch....
    37 minutes ago Eugenia Omeltchenko
    Oilers are just about to get twice as many fans.
    45 minutes ago Dean Scott
    It wasn’t hate speech but it sure was stupid. As an individual he has the right to say whatever he wants. The Tweet didn’t appear to have anything to do directly with the Flames owners. Even if it did they can say what the want.
    54 minutes ago Heather Berezowski
    Congrats Flames, you just alienated 200,000 people. Good luck with are a negotiations.
    1 hour ago John Leung
    When they meddled in the election that was already too far.
    That tweet was just the icing on the cake.
    And to be honest, they're just giving Nenshi more rope to hang them with. Take the deal, Flames. You don't have much power left.
  • 1 hour ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    The data shows Nenshi easily won the inner-city wards but struggled against challenger Bill Smith in the southern suburbs.
    Calgary's 2017 general election saw highest voter turnout in 40 years: City | Metro Calgary
    28 minutes ago Annabelle Firth Sotvedt
    It was close in my ward (14) so I wouldn't call it a struggle.
  • 1 hour ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    How does Calgary rank against the rest?
    Study ranks the best — and worst — major Canadian cities to be a woman
  • 2 hours ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    "I can't count the number of times I saw John Dunsworth in his underwear in a housecoat flat on his back in the dirt of a trailer park."
    John Dunsworth remembered as hard-working mentor on 'Trailer Park Boys' set
  • 2 hours ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    Richard Spencer said the emergency was "flattering" but "most likely overkill."
    "I'm not a hurricane or an invading army, at least not literally."
    Florida declares state of emergency ahead of Richard Spencer speech, white nationalist rally
  • 3 hours ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    "The Indigenous youth can look at this and feel like they’re a part of this city."
    Edmonton elects first Indigenous councillor in nearly 50 years
  • 3 hours ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    “These are women who came to Canada to face a better future, and all they’re facing is exploitation."
    New report highlights precarious work place for hotel housekeepers
  • 3 hours ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    Many unexpected turns in this story, which began when police say a man went to meet a girl he was dating.
    Man charged with attempted murder after running down suspect who robbed him
  • 4 hours ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    Lorinda Stewart recounts what is was like to see her daughter after she was held hostage in Somalia for 460 days.
    Mother of ex-hostage speaks out on ‘victim shaming,’ Joshua Boyle and her ‘disgust’ with Ottawa
  • 4 hours ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    “We just opened the door in Quebec to taking away fundamental rights based on nothing. No studies, no security problems whatsoever.”
    Quebec to vote on bill that would bar face-coverings for those receiving public services | Metro News
  • 5 hours ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    Daphne Caruana Galizia filed her final blog post criticizing Maltese government officials. Thirty minutes later she was dead.
    Investigative journalist killed minutes after blog post critical of Maltese government officials
  • 5 hours ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    From celebrities Evan Rachel Wood and Lady Gaga, to activists, to regular people, thousands have answered Alyssa Milano's call.
    How #MeToo lets any woman speak out on sexual harassment: Teitel
  • 6 hours ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    "The Citizen Lab is no longer working with Morgan Marquis-Boire in any capacity, formally or informally," executive director Ronald Deibert wrote in an open letter.
    University of Toronto's Citizen Lab cuts ties with researcher after sexual assault allegation
  • 11 hours ago by Metro Calgary

    Metro Calgary
    We hope he wears pants at work. #yycvote
    Naheed Nenshi's purple reign in Calgary will continue | Metro Calgary
    1 hour ago Glenda Nixon
    Yes the people have spoken but I hope Nenshi is listening to the fact that not all is well in his kingdom.
    1 hour ago Darcy Kostelansky
    For the ones that didn't vote for Nenshi. Look out more tax increases are coming . More reckless spending. And more people filing bankruptcy. All because of Nenshi. Wondering what other businesses will be forced to close shop. 51 % property tax hikes, stolen from the struggling. The only ones that agree with Nenshi, are the rich snobs.
    3 hours ago Tina Marie
    Why is everyone so angry. We live in a democracy. Everyone has the opportunity to vote. We had a massive turnout. I can understand disappointment. You do all realize your children are watching you and listening to how you handle disappointments in life. Be a role model for your children. Its ok to Be disappointed and express why you're disappointed, but name calling and rants??!! Is this the behavior or life skills you want to teach your children? Don't get your way so swear and belittle and attack. Be better.
    3 hours ago Shirley Scholz
    Some very angry replies. Democracy rules. I myself am angry about the extremely poorly managed voting polls. In this modern world I cannot fathom polling stations not having adequate amounts of ballots. I wait as woman manning my station digs through a box below the table trying to find our names-----2017 City of Calgary. This morning news said more ballots being transported to station were delayed because of rush hour traffic. Consequently there were long line ups and many unable to cast their ballots. That to me is a glitch in Democracy at it's most pathetic level.❌
    3 hours ago Stuie Monteith
    So much for a better calgary.. those people in midfield trailer park will continue to suffer and those of us who pay outrages taxes for his retard spending
    4 hours ago Pierce Achtymichuk
    you know what Einstein said about mental illness - doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.
    4 hours ago Mike Bedard
    Good job making it hard for people to vote and making it easy to keep your job had to take 93 year old gramma to a hour line out of community to industrial park pathetic
    5 hours ago Anne Marie
    #NauseatingNenshi. So much for change. Everyone one of the incumbents got re-elected. I will never waste my time on another election in this city. Never.
    6 hours ago Kristi Lee
    I thought Calgary was smarter than this. Nenshi is the reason why I moved back to Edmonton. No affordable housing in yyc
    9 hours ago Bryce Code
    Sad day for Calgary. Hopefully he will go forward having heard the message - less taxes, less arrogance less condescension and more listening! For every 10 that voted for Nenshi, 9 voted against. One would think he would be humbled by this, but I doubt it.
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