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  • 8 minutes ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    Couples therapist Esther Perel speaks about the “new shame” of staying with a partner and how there is more pressure on romantic relationships than ever before.
    The ‘new shame’ of staying with a partner who’s cheated | Metro News
  • 26 minutes ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    Breaking news.
    Halifax-area man killed after crash on Highway 102
    5 minutes ago Melissa Helen
    James Keast. Was this the one you drove by?
    12 minutes ago Susan Drake
    So sad
    15 minutes ago Lee-Anne Hatcher
    Tyler Parsons
    18 minutes ago Amy Marlene Slaunwhite
    Thoughts and Prayers are with his Family and Friends
    22 minutes ago Paddy Lindsay
    22 minutes ago Paddy Lindsay
  • 38 minutes ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    Between 2016 and September of this year, the number of refugees staying in Toronto shelters — on a daily average — shot up from 456 to 1,271.
    Toronto shelter services under pressure from surge of refugee claimants | Metro Toronto
    30 minutes ago Shirley Brown
    Should we be looking for homes for our vets and homeless Canadians first then worry about refugees. We are in need of some much for our own.
  • 54 minutes ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    As Chantal Hebert writes: It is to Stouffville that the governing Liberals converged on Monday to eat some pasta and then some crow.
    Trudeau and Morneau’s efforts to sugar coat their tax reforms turns into a comedy of errors: Hébert  | Metro News
  • 1 hour ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    To help Canadians remember Jimi Hendrix's childhood summers visiting his Vancouver grandmother, a local fan has commissioned a 32-foot high statue.
    Jimi Hendrix statue to kiss the sky Vancouver: shrine founder | Metro Vancouver
  • 1 hour ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    Murals fail at the most important test of good art: does it make you see the world in a new way? Jason Logan writes.
    Metro Cities: Why I hate murals and you should too | Metro News
    53 minutes ago Laura Patterson
    The mural at Halifax Backpackers fulfills everything anyone could ever need from a mural.
    1 hour ago Daniel MacKay
    Pity that you currently lack the capacity to be moved by this kind of art. Stay on the path, you may grow to where the rest of us already are.
  • 2 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    The U.S. has lit the fuse on one of Canada's most politically explosive trade issues in the latest round of #NAFTA talks.
    'Outrageous': U.S. demands Canada end supply management system
    19 minutes ago Andrew Matthews
    Why not Trump listen to American Farmers and deal with the over supply issue?
    1 hour ago Jackie MacNeil
    eff off
    2 hours ago Jen Arsenault
    so I take it there will be less demand for food animals south of the I have that right?
    2 hours ago Whitney Anne
    they are an outrageous people
  • 2 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    His daughter Sarah Dunsworth confirmed the news, describing him as an amazing husband, father and grandfather.
    John Dunsworth, known as Jim Lahey on the Trailer Park Boys, dies | Metro News
    25 minutes ago Lana Shay
    Ryan Miner
    34 minutes ago Sylvia MacNeil
    Loved him in Neptune Theatre shows, he'll be missed 😥
    1 hour ago Paul Dawson
    One of my favorite shows.. seen every episode countless times. .. this show won't be nearly as good without that man. Sad day! John you are a legend!
    1 hour ago Wayne Keating
    WOW!!!! One big lose. :(
    1 hour ago Kelly King
    Awwww so sad
    2 hours ago Joanne Marion
    Saw him speak to theatre students at Dalhousie a few years ago, was already a huge fan. Condolences to family and friends, he was gifted.
    2 hours ago Kathi Garagan King
    Loved him in Haven. RIP sir.
    2 hours ago Pat Helpard
    Such sad news. Rest in Peace Mr. Dunsworth.
    2 hours ago Cara Ruiz
    2 hours ago Josh Smith
    Still can't believe it
  • 3 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    Our city has jumped into the top 10 of a national list - but that's not great news.
    Renting in Halifax? Be prepared to pay more
    39 minutes ago Vanessa J Richard
    They're trying to make people homeless and it's disgusting
    1 hour ago Riggesby Stevenson
    this is what happens when you let developers donate to your elected councillors campaigns. This city needs more affordable housing, smaller sized fairly priced houses, not fancy condos and big $400,000-600,000 houses. Next election send a message to the councillors who take $$$$$ thousands one campaign money from developers
    1 hour ago Justin Lamb
    Yeah 1 bedroom apartments are expensive, but 2 and 3+ bedroom living spaces are WAY more common in Halifax. If you look at where we fall for 2 bedroom prices, we are 14th out of 25 and are very close to the 15,16, and 17th places. Sure rent is expensive, but the portrayal of this data is a little misleading.
    1 hour ago Angie Bentley
    Well clearly. All these brand new buildings going up aren't cheap
    1 hour ago Karson Aube
    everyone will be moving out this way
    1 hour ago Chris Patey
    Cheaper to buy even for short term.
    2 hours ago Richard Boudreau
    No surprise considering there's no rent control in this province. Scumbag landlords and rental companies love that.
    2 hours ago Bethany Isaksen
    Evan McNeil
    2 hours ago Mobarka Mohamed
    Mohamed Abdussalam
    2 hours ago Murray Rudolph
    Let me guess it's probably going to be taxed too.
  • 3 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    "It’s a celebration of what Halifax is known for - a good time, a great community and incredible music."
    Halifax Pop Explosion celebrates 25 years of showing 'next generation' talent
  • 4 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    There's more cash left to reconcile now than there was two months ago, but Halifax police Chief Jean-Michel Blais says work will be complete by 2018.
    Halifax police drug exhibit audit to be complete by year's end: chief
    1 hour ago Ryan W. Macpherson
    Goodluck u crooked fcks
    1 hour ago Charles Sloat
    Very disturbing,and how many firearms are missing ? And what happens next ?
  • 4 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    The Canadian Securities Administrators have cleared up some of the hazy legality surrounding the #marijuana industry.
    Canadian regulator set rules for cross-border pot listings
  • 4 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    As the Weinstein sexual assault accusations just proved, the lack of good witch hunts only creates newer, scarier monsters, writes Vinay Menon.
    Actually, Woody Allen, a witch hunt is exactly what Hollywood needs: Menon
  • 4 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    It was without an apology or admission. Nonetheless, Trump’s de facto retraction was a rare acknowledgment of his own inaccuracy.
    Trump lied about Obama in another wild news conference. Then he did the unexpected: Dale | Metro News
    1 hour ago Charles Sloat
    He's out of control and on the slippery slope too total madness
    2 hours ago Barbara Chase
    He knows he's lying but could care less. He knows his base will believe anything he says and I am sure he thinks it's hilarious what he can get away with. It is baffling to me how people opt to be so blind to a man. Right thinking people will know that a person they voted in makes really stupid decisions and it is up to the public to call them out on it. But Trump is way beyond that and yet they still believe everything he says.
    2 hours ago Claire Hollis
    4 hours ago Pam Chilton Carney
    He's not got a bloody clue what is going on in the world 🌎
    4 hours ago Brian Teepell
  • 5 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    Which came first, the bigger brain or the richer relationships? New research suggests the two go fin-in-fin.
    Whale and dolphin families prove that brains, social skills are linked: UBC research
  • 5 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    "We're sitting as hostages with a lot of time on our hands," Boyle told The Associated Press. "We always wanted as many as possible."
    Ex-hostage Joshua Boyle explains why he and his wife had kids in Taliban captivity
    4 hours ago Janice During
    I think they are suspicious, and people should keep an eye on them. They could have easily been radicalized after all of this time. Who just randomly releases captives out of nowhere, after holding them for years?
    5 hours ago Torra Brown
    What I read, they WILLINGLY went over there!!
    made you bed a$$, now lay in it!!
    5 hours ago Michael Greeley
    What kind of fool drags his family into a war zone to go backpacking and then can't own the responsibility for the horror his family go through. It's completely on him, may he carry that guilt the rest of his days...
    5 hours ago Karen Rice
    I think until I've been kidnapped for years, I haven't a clue.
    5 hours ago Brian Stephen Fitzpatrick
    Regardless of what happened, the truth is that those poor kids will need early intervention and councelling for years if they are to have any hope of integrating into society and having a normal life. Especially the older two. So many crutial developmental milestones have been missed already. Hopefully they get the help that they need.
    5 hours ago Ashley Mayder
    I think I'm like the only one on this planet who feels awful for what he had to endure. Imagine coming home to nothing but accusations and speculation. I didn't realize there was a proper way to act or cope with being held in captivity for 5 years
    5 hours ago Ghislaine Arseneau
    I don't trust his story... I watched the interview and too many things don't add up.
    5 hours ago Chloe Henderson
    What an odd story...
    5 hours ago Cheryl Sydney
    Trying so hard to understand this but just cannot. I think this decision was incredibly selfish and messed up.......
    5 hours ago Bill Kelley
    This guy is full of crap.
  • 7 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    RCMP say the value of the items destroyed is about $500,000.
    N.S. teens charged with completely destroying 'valuable' construction equipment
    6 hours ago Kathi Garagan King
    Shame on them. Take a bit to pay that one off.
    6 hours ago Ann Kavanagh
    they should get the bill...that is friggen ridiculous
    6 hours ago Bridget Lynn
    They need jailtime for this it’s no joke. And also they need to pay for it even if it takes their entire lives......
    6 hours ago Bev Ward
    No accountability, make them n their parents pay it back!!! Pathetic, hope their parents are proud of what they brought up!😡
    6 hours ago James Potter
    So what's the excuse that's going to be used here? Were they bored, drunk/high, or did they think they wouldn't get caught?
    Old enough to cause the damages, old enough to either pay it back or face jail time.
    "I'm sorry" doesn't fly with me. They're only sorry because they got caught.
    6 hours ago Karen Rice
    Raised by wolves I'm guessing.
    7 hours ago Evelyn Goguen
    There is no discipline anymore,home,school.They do what they want because they get away with it.
    7 hours ago Troy Vincent Brooks
    Parents and the kids shud have to pay for that damage
    7 hours ago Lawrence Pickrem
    The thing that's really bad about it is that nothing will even happen to them because our justice system is a joke.
    7 hours ago Lynn C Davidson
    What is wrong with our youth? Who does this kind of thing
  • 7 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    "It is a very dangerous storm," Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said. "The last time there was a storm this severe, 11 lives were lost." #Ophelia
    Video: Three killed, thousands without power as Ophelia's wlnds batter Ireland
  • 8 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    A week ago Metro was told everything would be complete in a few weeks. Now, that is no longer the case.
    Halifax announces construction delay for St. Margarets Bay Road work
    6 hours ago Jill Hunter-Baggs
    I knew it would be extended frigging sick of sitting in traffic on the Herring Cove Rd every morning.
    7 hours ago Erika Sykora
    Michelle Mackintosh
    7 hours ago Richard Boudreau
    Just like when the MacDonald Bridge Lift Project was supposed to be finished by now and surprise, surprise it isn't, lol! 👌👌 #shitshow
    7 hours ago Deb Perkins Maskell
    There have been times when no one was working...that can cause delays.
    7 hours ago Melissa Corkum
    Trevor Corkum
    7 hours ago Leslie Down
    Sarah Lynn MacDonald haa
    7 hours ago Wanda Michalik Greek
    If they were paid only the quoted price they would be on target.
    7 hours ago Marla Rodrigues Malcolm
    Justin M
    7 hours ago Pamela Wile
    Yup, that's how they get ya! Unavoidable delays? Maybe.
    8 hours ago Deanna Murphy
    Surprise. How much more will this cost ?
  • 8 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    The one-hour special of Secret Path will air on the 51st anniversary of Chanie Wenjack's death.
    Video: Gord Downie's 'Secret Path' concert airing on CBC this Sunday
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