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  • 2 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    "I've been at this work for 26 years. This moment presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to make real change."
    Major media players start commission for sexual misconduct
  • 3 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    I was excited to hang out with the other background “coolies” and learn what life was like among other marginalized extras in the trenches, Wong writes.
    Opinion | Quiet on set: TV critic moonlights as an extra in Frankie Drake Mysteries
  • 9 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    The Crown alleges Babcock was killed in July 2012 because she had become the odd woman out in a love triangle with Millard and his girlfriend.
    Dellen Millard and Mark Smich found guilty in Laura Babcock's death
    7 hours ago Jeremy H Fowler
    Play stupid games , win stupid prizes
    7 hours ago Frances Whalen Ettinger happy they were found guilty.
    8 hours ago Josh Smith
    They're both already doing life for the Bosma murder. Kinda get a sneaking suspicion these two aren't dealing with a full deck lol
    8 hours ago Paris DonnaLee
    I hope they both rot in jail!!
    8 hours ago Susan Richardson
    8 hours ago Chris Patey
    Best news of the week.
    9 hours ago Leane Niles
    now they will be in the cell block love triangle with big bubba and the gang, they gonna get worn out. I love Karma
  • 10 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    “They took away everything I have. Thirty-two years of being with that woman and they took that from me.”
    Held in maximum security without charge, she begged her husband to get her out. A week later, Teresa Gratton was dead | Metro Toronto
    1 hour ago Natalie Bowman
    Seems likely that she should have been held and was likely held there because the immigration detention center is likely full given the current situation with the Haitians pouring in. So the media criticizes the government when they are too light on illegal immigrants and also criticizes when they think they are too harsh. She committed several crimes and should have been deported, but she was an american citizen. I don't get why the procedures have to be so drawn out for americans. We have pretty much free flow of people between the countries. Repatriating an american would not require the expense or paperwork that other countries would.
    2 hours ago Andrew Spiesz
    Those in charge should rot from the inside out, is hoping they all get an incurable brain cancer
    7 hours ago Edith Arsenault
    Deportation yes......
    Deserves what has happened? NO.
    This woman did not deserve to die while in custody of our CANADIAN Government.
    8 hours ago Wayne M Bezanson
    And what will be done about it? Nothing! that's the Canadian Government. :(
    8 hours ago Barbara Coldwell
    OH TO BE PERFECT...The family of this person did nothing..may be nice to have an ounce of sympathy for them....
    9 hours ago Jeff Silver
    Ooohhhhh. So. She had multiple counts of fraud and was also guilty of theft. That brought her to the CBSA’s attention for violating the terms of her residency.
    Good enough. We don’t need criminals, if she had been an honest and law abiding citizen, she wouldn’t have had any issue.
    Her death is unfortunate but entirely avoidable.
    9 hours ago Jeremy Hunter
    Misleading headline. She was guilty of fraud and shoplifting.
  • 10 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    New changes to the plan set the death benefit at $2,500—no matter how long or how much someone has paid into their Canada Pension Plan.
    Change to CPP death benefit panned as insufficient to cover funeral costs
    8 hours ago Burke Nor
    Let's remember this next election and vote Trudeau the village idiot out asap.
    8 hours ago Susan Richardson
    This is absolutely disgusting.
    8 hours ago Susan MacCready Mahtab
    Yes this does not cover even closely what funeral homes charge. All the hidden costs associated with a funeral arranged by a funeral home usually add up to way more than $6000. I cannot even imagine how low income families cope with this. Try and find a service separate from funeral homes that does just cremation, it's not easy. The industry of death is difficult all the way around.
    8 hours ago James Shakey
    In the future we will be revived from death over and over just to work to pay off debt.
    9 hours ago Wanda Michalik Greek
    Nothing about the CPP is fair. Two people making the same amount of money ,one married and one single do not get the same benefit. The married persons spouse gets spousal allowance and benefits for their dependent children. The single person does not. They both paid in the same. The spouse chose not to work or work under the table and still benefits. There should be either a lump sum payout to the single persons estate or they can collect at age 60 with no penalty.
    9 hours ago Sangay Kunga
    Just start having corpses dropped on Parliament Hill, then wait and see how quickly they change this policy. I thought Justin was going to work for middle and lower income classes....guess not eh....
    10 hours ago Linda Smith-McLea
    Just cremation alone is 4,000.00
    10 hours ago Charneill Jordan
    Can’t even afford to die...😦
    10 hours ago Shelley McDermott
    It gets better, if the person is drawing CPP, the time of the month the person dies will prorate the payout (clawback) plus of course the payment the person put in over many years disappears when they die... proof.
    10 hours ago Debbie West Boutilier
    And it is taxed.
  • 11 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    From an agreement on how to divide proceeds on taxed marijuana to revisiting sex assault cases previously deemed 'unfounded' by the RCMP, here's what you need to know.
    This week in politics: Tax on pot, cleaner fuel and sexual assault
    8 hours ago Jen Arsenault
    glad they are taking a second look at the sex assault cases
  • 23 hours ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    “All these crazy ideas had a headlong collision into each other."
    Director Alexander Payne is taking a big leap with Downsizing | Metro News
  • 1 day ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    Who knows? Maybe next year, that couple in the Scheer ad will know him well enough to say hello.
    Opinion | Susan Delacourt: If Google searches were votes, would Andrew Scheer become PM? | Metro News
  • 1 day ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    Adolf Hitler called it “degenerate democratic propaganda” and ordered all copies burned. But the Story of Ferdinand lives on.
    Opinion | Richard Crouse: The Story of Ferdinand — a bull market since 1936 | Metro News
    20 hours ago Dane Hanson
    Hmm, sounds like leftists in 2017
  • 1 day ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    An estimated 545,000 tonnes of waste is generated in Canada from gift-wrapping and shopping bags alone.
    Opinion | It's the most wasteful time of the year: solving Canada's Christmas waste problem | Metro News
    2 hours ago Jay Thompson
    Reusing wrapping paper or newspapers makes a big difference.
    Other option is reusable gift bags so no wrapping paper is needed
    12 hours ago Danielle Tymko
    Chelsea Pastula
  • 1 day ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    "The future is right now and it's pretty obvious what's going on."
    A new era dawns after Disney swallows Fox and sends shockwaves through Hollywood  | Metro News
    10 hours ago Robert Vandergrift
    Yet another thing that the Simpsons predicted.
    13 hours ago Akbar Khan
    And Sean Hannity followed by Mikey and Friends 😂
    1 day ago Jen Arsenault
    wonder if this will change the news format?
  • 1 day ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    'Students should be able to study and learn in an environment that is free from fear of sexual violence.'
    New report suggests ways to curb sexual violence on Nova Scotia's university campuses | Metro Halifax
  • 1 day ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    "The political field has been fully cleared. Putin completely dominates the information space."
    Putin looking for a quick and emphatic win, but voter apathy worries Kremlin | Metro News
  • 1 day ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    Eric Hoskins has tweeted about the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman, calling them "wonderful human beings" and leaders in health care.
    Police investigating deaths at billionaire drug company founder Barry Sherman’s house
  • 1 day ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    The trial resumes Monday, when the Crown and defence are expected to make closing arguments.
    Past sexual partner of Campbell testifies at Garnier murder trial
    14 hours ago Christina Tina Jewers
    yes you are so one deserved this and no family should have to have this drag on and on like a circus. He better not walk, he is a cop killer and needs to rot in jail forever.
    14 hours ago Carrie Beaton
    My heart goes out to her family, first and foremost for not having their daughter with them, and for them having to listen to them talk in detail about her so called sexual preferences. Heart wrenching for them. 😢
    21 hours ago Laurie Smith-Dillman
    If it was an accident why didn't he call the cops? Why did he put her body in a green bin and dump her body?
    22 hours ago Tracey Preeper
    their will be no justice!! this SOB will walk free!! just you watch and see! praying i am wrong! discusting how our justice system works!!
    22 hours ago Lex Tillberg
    I can see it already he's gonna walk away free of any and all charges...
    23 hours ago Deborah Holland
    Money talks don't be surprised if this pos walks
    1 day ago Jenny Kanasevich-Fraser
    Rot in jail then hell POS
    1 day ago Katherine Pike
    This piece of crap killed a woman. Whether he meant to or not he did. And then he put her body in a compost bin and dumped the remains of a human being like garbage. He is responsible. Hold this POS accountable!
    1 day ago Bruce Hetherington
    He is doomed we all hope.
    1 day ago Patrick Paddy Mahon
    Could we just distribute some pitchforks, set him "free," and get this over with?
  • 1 day ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    The convention centre was first slated to open in January 2016, nearly two years ago. It’s funded by about $169 million in taxpayer money.
    Incomplete Halifax Convention Centre hosts grand opening almost two years late
    1 day ago Andrew Middleton
    Was there today. amazing building and a fantastic development for the city. 75,000 people already booked for 2018. We need this!
    1 day ago Danielle Oleshko
    What's the full capacity of the building?
    1 day ago Mitch Hayley
    That money was all spent before the first year and then the city backed out of funding. Leaving the guy building it to pay the rest out of pocket. So really be glad we(tax payers) didn't actually pay our full end of the deal
    1 day ago Anthony Fowler
    This is progress
    1 day ago Cody S West
    And in just a couple years it'll pay for itself, in order to grow we need to spend!
    1 day ago Patrick Paddy Mahon
    That's 9m more than the Armory restore. Lol
    1 day ago Riggesby Stevenson
    75% of Nova Scotia's will never set foot in it. I bet it will lose money just like the smaller one did. Warm Climates are the choice places for Conventions, NOT Halifax, rain, snow, fog, ice, humidity. Mark me words
    1 day ago Nick Myra
    Another Bluenose II situation lol
    1 day ago Geoffery Connor Danger Small
    could have spent that cash on hospitals, something everyone will need
    1 day ago Jordon Grant
    Worth it.
  • 1 day ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    The teacher used his work laptop to project online education materials onto a whiteboard, but pornographic images were shown instead.
    Elementary school teacher suspended after accidentally showing porn in class
    19 hours ago Scott A. Markotich
    One of those kids might make a career out of porn. Not everything is bad.
    1 day ago Jamie Adams
    Wow oh my Danielle Sarty
    1 day ago Natalie Bowman
    We all get pop ups. The difference here is that his browsing habits caused the pop-up and it was not his personal laptop, it was a school issued laptop.
    1 day ago Danielle Sarty
    Jamie Adams
    1 day ago Rita Brundige
    1 day ago Kate Hines Snair
    Never mix your personal laptop stuff with your work laptop! Tyler durden much
    1 day ago Edwin J Clair
    Sarah Robertson
    😅 Don't ask your husband.
    He will deny everything...
    1 day ago Sarah Robertson
    Is it possible it was mistake? Today I went looking for a listing for a home for sale on You Tube and porn pages popped up. This has never happened to me before but I am told it happens from time to time.
    1 day ago Erin O'Leary
    Brittany Lloy sound familiar ?? Lol
    1 day ago Jen Arsenault
    What a blunder by the teacher, but those poor kids! Hope they weren't scarred for life :(
  • 1 day ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    Nova Scotia RCMP say the crash happened on Highway 101 early Friday morning.
    Two in hospital after head-on collision on Nova Scotia highway
  • 1 day ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    "In 'youthquake' we find some hope in the power to change things, and had a little bit of linguistic fun along the way."
    ‘Youthquake’ named 2017 word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries
    10 hours ago Matthew Murphy
    It's dumb that it's even a word let alone considered word of the year by anyone.
    1 day ago Ernest J. Middleton
  • 1 day ago by Metro Halifax

    Metro Halifax
    A lotto extra holiday cash.
    Nova Scotia's latest big lotto winners claim prize | Metro Halifax
    1 day ago Amy Marlene Slaunwhite
    Congratulations to you both!!
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