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  • 35 minutes ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    We’re experiencing a moment when sexual assault is preoccupying theatre artists like never before. See Ellie Moon's new documentary-style play, Asking For It, before it closes on October 21.
    Two new plays complicate the conversation about consent
  • 1 hour ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Considering all that he’s achieved in the last 25 years, it’s hard to believe that Carl Newman had never played the venue before, and the significance was not lost on the New Pornographers leader.
    No Neko, no Bejar, no problem for the New Pornographers at Massey Hall
  • 2 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    You're not going to want to miss this art exhibit. Here's all the details you need on how to score tickets.
    Here's how to buy tickets to Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors at the AGO
    49 minutes ago Sunny Grey-Wall
    Diana Foley This is the one I was telling you about, that their already saying will be impossible to get tickets for unless you're a member.
    1 hour ago Shannon Gurevitch
    "Highly Instagrammable" - this annoys me to no end in the gallery. Can't we just enjoy the art without constantl y having it filtered through the lens of the phone? Put your damn phones down and experience the art.
    1 hour ago Katie Lynne Persona
    I.a. Berardi
    1 hour ago Elaine Lung
    ASHLEYYYYY Ashley Chow
    1 hour ago Mariana Mesquita
    Jen Crewson i wanna see this so bad
    1 hour ago Shannon Le
    Brandon Lo
    1 hour ago Madison Kendal
    Jonathan Jackman
    2 hours ago Cory Luciano Sousa
    Adam Joszef we better get on this!
  • 3 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Last month, Legal Aid Ontario defunded the African Canadian Legal Clinic and announced it plans to move forward with funding for a new clinic to serve Black communities.
    Defunding of African Canadian Legal Clinic should be a teachable moment for Black communities
    2 hours ago David Toews
    dollars to doughnuts this is about privatization
  • 5 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Discover the new season of music, theatre, classes and much more at Living Arts Centre. Enter here to win a musical Mississauga weekend featuring dinner, hotel and concert tickets! #spon
    LivingArtsCentre - NOW Magazine
  • 16 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Were you at the Unity Rally on Sunday? Here are some photos from the massive protest.
    In Photos: Unity Rally To End White Supremacy
    1 hour ago Lucinda Van
    Someone is on the moral high ground
    11 hours ago Paul Povey
    That is to say.
    When all else fails..
    History will repeat it's self.
    It's a great story, we should read it sometime.
    11 hours ago Paul Povey
    And by bad eggs I recollect a quarter century old passive acquiesce into an understanding above and beyond this reservation of divisive disected direction.
    11 hours ago Paul Povey
    If YOu are neutral on the side of.. Did you brush your teeth to the will of said oppressors original will and intent of our well being that's almost likely been coopted by bad eggs?
    That is to say
    .. Those whom have brought you this liberty fought hard, and I assure you gave an arm and a leg.
  • 18 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Beck is such a quintessentially laid-back Californian, it’s strange to think a whole side of his family is Canadian.
    Q&A: Why Beck nearly quit making albums
    18 hours ago Darrin Cappe
    Or that he's a Scientologist
  • 19 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Planet In Focus Film Festival launches on a note of resistance this week with the world premiere of UNFRACTURED and continues through the weekend with a lineup of environmental documentaries, panel discussions and Eco-Heroes. Explore #PiF2017: #spon
    Photos from NOW Magazine's post
  • 20 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    We’re in a good place for self-aware horror these days.
    Happy Death Day is a solid self-aware horror film
  • 22 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Can't get into Alo, try the new Aloette.
    Inside Aloette, the relaxed sister spot to Alo
    4 hours ago Robin Serpell
    Nathalie Sehgal
    16 hours ago Lisa Lucy
    Aaqil Seven
    21 hours ago Anna Wasylenki
    Kelly Wray opens for real tomorrow!
    22 hours ago Sadiya Kay
    Hinna Shaikh
  • 1 day ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Toronto will be alight for the next two weeks with diasporic desis celebrating Diwali, the religious festival of lights observed by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains on October 19.
    10 ways to celebrate Diwali in Toronto
  • 1 day ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    This interconnectedness with water is something that we in the West have completely forgotten. Water ceremonies help us reconnect to these responsibilities.
    A prayer for water
  • 1 day ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    It’s the kind of publicity money can’t buy, but the marketing machine is always ready and waiting to nurture.
    Are celebrity social media posts becoming more important than film critics?
  • 1 day ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    "I think it’s fundamental if we’re going to talk about reconciliation with First Nations that there has to be prior and informed consent before any pipeline can be approved."
    Q&A: Jagmeet Singh in his own words
    22 hours ago Lloyd Kandasammy
    nobody gives a shit about fashion...what exactly are your plans what is the cost attached and how will they be implemented ....I mean enough of the superficial chitter chatter bog us down in DETAILS and NOT HOT AIR!
  • 1 day ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Jackie Chan shows emotions we rarely see from the 63-year-old international star.
    The Foreigner doesn’t know what kind of movie it is
    16 hours ago Medina Krause
    I thought Jackie Chan retired from making movies.
  • 1 day ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    At this point in his career, Bill Murray has become one of those rare stars who can do pretty much whatever he wants and make it work through sheer force of charm.
    Bill Murray somehow played a concert at Koerner Hall
    1 day ago Ed Woody
    it was Fun :)
    1 day ago Steffanie Adams
    Was good!
    1 day ago Steve Szabo
    I wanted to go to this but tickets were like $200.
  • 2 days ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    The Meyerowitz Stories, arriving on Netflix this week after playing the Cannes and New York film festivals, is caustic.
    The Meyerowitz Stories (New And Selected): this misery deserves company
    1 day ago Lori Johal
    I couldn't watch past 15 mins ... brutally bad acting
  • 2 days ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Pull up a stool at Toronto's newest microbrewery.
    Inside Northern Maverick, a huge new brewpub and locally-focused eatery off King West
    2 days ago Tanvi Ravindra
    Devin Garabedian
  • 2 days ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Learn more about upcoming Living Arts Centre performers like Alysha Brilla, Amanda Martinez, Peter Katz and Craig Lauzon. #spon
    LivingArtsCentre - NOW Magazine
  • 2 days ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Going to the Unity Rally today? Here's what to expect.
    Thousands expected at Unity Rally To End White Supremacy at Queen's Park this Sunday
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