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NOW is Toronto's weekly news and entertainment voice, published every Thursday.

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  • 1 hour ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Have you ever been to Toronto's Black Creek?
    Hidden gem: Toronto's Black Creek
  • 3 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Yes, it's National Rum Day, so pick up one of these bottles from the LCBO on your way home.
    Celebrate National Rum Day with the best rums in Toronto
  • 4 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Mediterranean snack bar Bar Sybanne is a couple short weeks away from opening on Ossington.
    New Toronto restaurants: Planta Burger, Bar Sybanne, Pablo Cheese Tart, La Cubana, The Nugget, Soufi's, Beroea Box
    3 hours ago Juliana Gomes Barbosa
    Kendall - PLANTA BURGER(!)
  • 6 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Director Antoni Cimolino begins and ends his sharp production of Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s 1777 play The School For Scandal with a satiric swipe at social media, drawing parallels between our gossip-saturated world and that of 240 years ago.
    The School For Scandal scores big laughs
  • 8 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Here are the authors set to speak at the Toronto Public Library’s fall reading series.
    Toronto Public Library lines up Salman Rushdie, Claire Messud, Jan Wong and Scaachi Koul for fall season
  • 18 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Custom tailoring is having a moment. Here are the top 5 places to go for made-to-measure and bespoke tailoring in the city.
    The best places to get made-to-measure and bespoke suits in Toronto
  • 20 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    NOW Access presents Cocktail School, a video series that explores the process of creative discovery behind some of Toronto's favourite drinks. In this episode, The Cloak Bar demonstrates how a classic drink like The Belmont can transport you through time.
    Become a member of NOW Access for free at
  • 21 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Legal booze delivery is finally a thing, Toronto.
    Toronto has a new alcohol delivery app
    19 hours ago Emily Mayne
    Alexandra Owens lol perfect
  • 22 hours ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Planta isn't your mom's vegan eatery.
    Planta is opening a burger shop
    22 minutes ago Anya Martin
    8 hours ago Chloe E.
    Crystal Watts ohhhhhhh!
    17 hours ago Francisco Unverferth
    what's a vegan "crab" cake? CALL IT WHAT IT IS!
    18 hours ago Sydney Gautreau
    Tannis Pierre Teagle Blond Libran birthday lunch, perhaps?
    19 hours ago Stephanie Bosco Porretti
    Taylor Lenyk Nadine Elana T lets go!
    19 hours ago Tanya Hannah Rumble
    Ashley Vincent come back soon
    20 hours ago Joan Fennell
    Pat Fennell Akey
    22 hours ago Marianne Lau
    Paola Gimigliano
    22 hours ago Michael Ianni
    I went there twice when I was visiting there from Vancouver! Once with THE fabulous Anna Von AND Karen Bliss!
    22 hours ago Michael Ianni
  • 1 day ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Here's how to bring the island to the mainland for this year's Camp Wavelength.
    Camp Wavelength is on the mainland this year, but artist Roxanne Ignatius is helping to recreate the Island vibes
  • 1 day ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    We found out why everyone - and their aunty - including Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham are obsessed with Toronto artist and now author Maria Qamar.
    Before you hide a guy in your closet, read Toronto pop artist Hatecopy's Trust No Aunty
  • 1 day ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    The 2017 Toronto International Film Festiva willl host the world premieres of Brie Larson’s directorial debut Unicorn Store.
    TIFF adds films from Brie Larson, Louis C.K. and Aaron Sorkin to lineup
  • 1 day ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    This is the perfect opportunity for Mayor Tory to demonstrate some true courage and political leadership by calling for the acceptance and expansion of cannabis dispensaries in Toronto and across Canada in order to help save lives.
    Pot activist Jodie Emery calls out Mayor John Tory on opioid crisis
    1 day ago Ron Gwynne
    The two most important civil servants are the Mayor and the Police Chief. Think about this. I'm not impressed by their fumbling and mumbling how about you? Carding, still happening. Fake charges still happening. Lying police in court ? Tory too, him and his lobbyist pals...fill in the harbour, fill in the railway yards, fill in the CNE, where does this end..condomonium? Are they worth what they get paid? I know not.
    1 day ago Patrick Hislop
    The Emerys are past their due date.
    You can beg a mayor for anything you like. The issue is still illegality. It's a federal law. It needs to be (and will be) addressed at the federal level. Less than a year.
    The biggest issue with the Emerys is that neither are doctors or even life sciences researchers. They are indeed an illegitimate face to the medical aspect of their crusade.
    If the real goal was to get medicine to those that need it, why not also provide access to pure CBD oil, which is not illegal and comes complete with loads of peer reviewed publications? It's prescribed in Europe, by real doctors.
    THC still needs research as their are findings that show heart and brain abnormalities with chronic use. I'm all for legalization but we can't take the word of a couple activists when it comes to our health. They provide no medical or legitimate research findings.
    It should ne decriminalized immediately, the legal issue will come along later and for all intents and purposes less than a year.
    Cool your jets, prepare for phase II of your crusade post legalization.
    1 day ago James Benjamin
    I guess the Emery's haven't heard it hasn't been legalized yet. That was their problem before.. it's still their problem. Jodie's concern about this is purely about their business.
    1 day ago Christopher Baxter Bell
    I used to think the Emery's were altruistic in their crusade but it's become clear how utterly self-serving all their rhetoric is. We need better leaders in terms of marijuana activism and drug activism than Mark and Jodie.
    1 day ago Zack Young
    The Emery's can't help but make this about themselves and pot, can they? It's a fight that can wait a little bit longer in the legislature; the immediacy of safe injection sites is far more pressing than this.
  • 1 day ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    There never is not a good time for 'zza.
    Slice of life: Toronto's best pizza
    1 day ago Joanne Twiga
    Genevieve, tasting tour of Toronto?
    1 day ago Chris McDougall
    Wendy Crosby
    1 day ago Ber E. Fish
    Vesuvio all the way
    1 day ago Ron James
    Danforth Pizza House at #15. C'mon...
    1 day ago Marco Certini
    Tanja Velickoviccccc <3
    1 day ago John Tait
    Oxymoron, as Toronto pizza is the worst.....anywhere.
    1 day ago Darrin Cappe
    Pizza Del Arte
    1 day ago Jeffrey McCade
    seem no one lives north of dupont. get real
    1 day ago Sam Burgio
    Libretto on any day of the week!
  • 1 day ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Located at 960 Queen West, the combination coffee/record shop will offer rock, blues and jazz bin-flipping plus an old Armenian tradition of making coffee over hot sand.
    Record store Antikka - The Vinyl Cafe to open on Queen West
  • 2 days ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    If you’ve been jonesing for a revisit of King’s cinematic catalogue, here’s a rundown of the adaptations from best to worst.
    35 Stephen King movies, ranked from best to worst
  • 2 days ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    This past year, a whopping 50 per cent of the food dished out at Ryerson came from “local, sustainable sources.
    Where to find healthy and local food options at eight Toronto colleges and universities
    2 days ago Jillian Poirier Forster
    You forgot UTSC Farmers' Market 😉 They have an amazing lineup of local vendors at their farmer's market every Wednesday afternoon!
  • 2 days ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    This happened outside the U.S. Consulate in Toronto this morning.
    In Photos: Toronto rally against white supremacy in Charlottesville, Virginia
    1 day ago Diego Vee
    that is not the place you want to be causing shit, lmfao.
    1 day ago Tom Pearson
    She wasn't a "civil rights activist" per say, she was a Paralegal.
    2 days ago David Toews
    Hallo trolls! Beautiful day eh? :)
    2 days ago Tom Sam
    Yawn, the idiots strike again. Same old chants spoonfed to them by their stupid so called professors. Would be nice for something original for once.
    2 days ago Brian Zuleta
    Ah shit toronto about to become lit
    2 days ago Gerard Adderley
    Then you're going to want to get ready for this!
    2 days ago Snjezana Jurkovic
    When Ukranian nazis marching nobody bother
    2 days ago Rudy Lambert
    There would have been a counter protest but conservatives have to work
  • 2 days ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    Resource exploitation and access to land for hunting and fishing is a big issue around community well-being.
    Vigil over First Nations youth suicides enters fourth week
  • 2 days ago by NOW Magazine

    NOW Magazine
    It hurts to write this in the midst of the opioid crisis we are witnessing.
    The city is in denial about the opioid crisis – here's how to fix it

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