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Opened in 1914, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) showcases art, culture, and nature from around the globe and across the ages. One of North America's most renowned cultural institutions, Canada's largest museum is home to a world-class collection of more than six million objects and specimens, featured in 40 gallery and exhibition spaces.

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  • 1 day ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is ON NOW!
    Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017
  • 1 day ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    We know! We know! Do you? "Alex what is.....?"
    ROM Patrons
    12 hours ago Eddie Wilson
    No one is that dumb, where is Gozer.
    1 day ago Mona Rea-Malloy
    1 day ago Jessica Cadieux
    1 day ago Peter Neufeld
    1 day ago Navjit San
    I've seen this bit of trivia posted within the ROM walls!
    1 day ago Janine Cubias
    What is Ghostbusters the 1st movie? 😁😁😁😁
    1 day ago Jean Wood
    Ghost Busters!!!!
    1 day ago Tamara Jenkinson
    There's also a Stephen King book with a demon named Zuul in it.... I named my cat after it.
    1 day ago Aaron Outram
    There is no Danasaurus... only Zuulsaurus
    1 day ago Jennifer Kwok
    Who you gonna call?
  • 2 days ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    We’ll be back next week with a fresh Fossil Friday, until then here’s Chasmosaurus from a few weeks ago!
    Royal Ontario Museum
  • 2 days ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    Photography, Citizen Science, and poaching a Rhinoceros with Mark Peck and David Ireland.
    2 days ago Doe O'Brien
    Connect with First People’s Gallery, too!
    2 days ago Sergio Torres
    2 days ago Denise Moore
    Hello from Northern BC!
    2 days ago Suzanne McElcheran
    Always enjoy the wildlife photography exhibits
    2 days ago Royal Ontario Museum
    Find out more about Wildlife Photographer of the Year:
    2 days ago Nujane Navachai
    Hello from Bangkok, Thailand ❤️ I’ve been to ROM
    2 days ago Merces Iverson
    Brandon Downing!
    2 days ago Fadel Asly
    hallllllllllo from egypte
    2 days ago Renata Dajczer
    Hello from Poland!
  • 3 days ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    Happy THORsday!
    Thor, god of thunder, is one of Odin’s sons. Thor is more straightforward and quick-witted than Odin. He has an impulsive manner, is quick to anger and has boundless strength, thirst, and appetite. Thor lives in a part of Asgard called Thrudvang, in a dwelling named Bilskirnir, and he has several magical attributes. Apart from his hammer Mjölnir (Crusher), with which he fights giants, he has a belt of strength, Megingjörd, which makes him twice as strong when he tightens it around his waist, and a pair of big iron gloves that help him to grip his powerful hammer firmly. In his dogged struggle against chaos, whether that consists of giants or other monsters and dangers, he is the main protector of gods and humans alike. It is evident from the sources, both archaeological and literary, that he was also much worshipped and cherished all over Scandinavia, especially in the later stages of the Viking Age. As ruler over the forces of weather – thunder, lightning, and rain – he also has some of the features of a fertility god. He is married to Sif, with whom he has a son Modi and a daughter Thrud, but he also has stepsons and has fathered eighteen (!) children on various giantesses. He has given his name to Thursday.
    This pendant has the shape of a Thor’s hammer, an object that could have been used both in connection to burials and cult activities. It is the only one of its kind and is exceptionally fine in craftsmanship and has a rare beauty.
    Unknown find spot, Scania , Sweden.
    SHM 9822
    Vikings: The Exhibition is on now!
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Katarina Pohl
    Dennis Leth Elizabeth Davidson - I can't wait to see this exhibit!! Road trip??? Eeeeeeep - all of us Swedes should go together. :)
    2 days ago Marilyn Viernes-Vega
    2 days ago Sarah West
    Briana Douglase
    2 days ago Lisa Chamberlain
    Alan Poon
    2 days ago Natalie Dagenais
    Brad Beaton
    2 days ago Patricia Cowman
    Kathryn Hunter
    2 days ago Sandy Bonanno
    Sigrun Sigurjons David C. Ashley
    2 days ago Orlando Meirelles Pondé
    2 days ago Katherine Kitsen
    Lyuba Savina
    2 days ago Jacquie Elms
    Carly Elms
  • 3 days ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    Get involved in our Zuul project!
    ROM Patrons
  • 3 days ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    Join us December 16-January 7 for ROM for the holidays as we transform the museum into a winter wonderland! ☃️❄️
    Learn more:
    Timeline Photos
  • 4 days ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    More on the reopening of our Heritage Weston Queen's Park Entrance via The Toronto Star
    The Toronto Star
    3 days ago Mora Gregg
    Much closer to the subway!
    3 days ago Linda Heslegrave
    Of course, if the visitor exits the Museum subway stop there is no extra distance because the traditional entrance is closer than the Bloor Street entrance. I am very glad to see the 'old' entrance rejuvenated. The crystal, often called the carbuncle on Bloor, is ugly and unwelcoming and unbecoming of this fine museum.
    3 days ago Courtney Bolak
    Miranda Taverner Hunnisett !!!
    3 days ago Jeremy Porter
    How is it an "extra trek" to use the new/old entrance? If you get off the Museum station exit, the entrance is right there.
    3 days ago Alan Bulley
    I'm very glad to hear this. The old entrance is a jewel but I've always found the crystal an off-putting, angular waste of space.
    4 days ago Dave Brohman
    I loathe Billy's Crystal and am very glad to see the ROM's proper entrance being given the attention is deserves.
  • 4 days ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Documentary
    The Wildlife Photojournalist Award: Single Image
    Sewage surfer,
    Justin Hofman, USA
    Justin watched, delighted as the seahorse bounced from one piece of natural debris to the next. However, as rubbish and sewage began to sluice the shore, the creature seized upon this
    cotton bud as a stable anchor. Justin’s admiration for the beautiful seahorse soon turned to ‘vitriolic anger’ at the ‘incoming tide of pollution and litter’.
    Because of their unusual equine shape, seahorses are poor swimmers. They propel themselves forward using their wing-like dorsal fins, with their smaller pectoral fins used for steering. It’s exhausting work, so they often catch a ride or take a break by clinging to sea grasses and corals with their prehensile tails.
    Technical details, Sony A7R II; 16–35mm f4 lens; 1/60 sec at f16;
    ISO 320; Nauticam housing and Zen 230mm Nauticam N120
    Superdome; two Sea & Sea strobes with electronic sync.
    Sumbawa, Indonesia
    The exhibition opens on December 16th -
    Timeline Photos
    4 days ago Frank Benner
    Savanna New
    4 days ago Hameet Singh
    Silkan Bains Fareeha Hussain it runs from December 16 to March 18, we HAVE to go!!
  • 5 days ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    Happy Hanukkah to all those celebrating!
    This Byzantine ring with menorah and inscription is silver, ca. 400 AD.
    ROM ID: 986.181.15
    Timeline Photos
    3 days ago Melissa Kishel
    Very cool! Happy Hanukkah
  • 5 days ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    8 NEW things about our Heritage Weston Queen's Park Entrance
    1 day ago Mary Lynn Psmyghth
    3 days ago Heather Dicke
    I was married in this rotunda ❤️ So happy it’s open again!
    4 days ago Margot Hare
    They never should have closed it but happy it’s open again!
    4 days ago Ronna Fiori
    Be sure to look up at the glorious ceiling after you enter!
    4 days ago Amanda Jeans
    Coming through that door was a magical experience ...
    5 days ago Elizabeth Bowes
    I always loved that entrance. Those of us who went to the Faculty of Amusement remember it fondly! Glad they have reopened it.
    5 days ago Heather Rosen
    Number 1: You can actually get to the museum from the (closest) subway stop called MUSEUM! I've missed that.
    5 days ago Leif Nelson
    Have no concept of architecture when it comes to the rom, almost identical to my experience at honest eds,call me a local.
    5 days ago Dianne Scoffield
    Oh I've missed this entrance. So glad it's open again.
    5 days ago Mark Alden
    Nice to see they've improved the wheelchair access, although I miss getting my exercise going up the old ramp. :)
  • 5 days ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    ROM Weston Entrance Opening
    5 days ago Courtney Baker
    Hi ROM. So excited about the entrance opening. We took the day off and tried to come up for it from Orillia but the roads were just too dangerous. The cake was beautiful, hope it was a great success!
    5 days ago Heather Rosen
    I wanted to go, but the weather is not making it easy. Never mind -- I'll use that entrance when I come for the Viking, Dior and WPY exhibits.
    5 days ago Val Rae Salvati
    I worked in Media Relations at The ROM in the late 80s and had my wedding photos taken in the old Ming Tomb and in front of the gorgeous gold dome at the main entrance. So glad they will be welcoming visitors through the original doors once again.
    5 days ago Jen Hadley
    Is this the golden ceiling entrance?
    5 days ago Jim Byrnes
    I’m 60,that’s the portal to wonder I remember
    5 days ago Diane Harris
    Entered those doors as a student and revisited with my children and grandchildren many times and mostly thru these doors. ROM is one of my most favourite places to visit. An endless love affair :)
    5 days ago Jennifer Figueiredo
    Im so excited that you are opening these doors again!!!!
    5 days ago Mark Alden
    One of my first memories of going to the ROM was entering through the main entrance & seeing a mastodon skeleton staring at me.
    5 days ago Angela Sabrina
    Finally! This was one of the most magical parts of entering the ROM when I was a kid! The crystal side feels like entering a warehouse :(
    5 days ago Royal Ontario Museum
    Good Morning everyone, we'll be getting started shortly!
  • 5 days ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    Give family & friends a year of discovery and a lifetime of memories with a ROM Membership!
    Give the Gift of ROM Membership
  • 6 days ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    Object of the Week: Knife, Silver and Iron.
    Both grave finds and literary sources indicate that the role of women was complex. This is especially true of women in the aristocracy. Keys are very common finds in Norse graves. Many iron keys show signs of being functional and well-used, but female graves frequently contain unused, bronze keys.
    Women were in charge of the households and the farms and the keys would have been worn as a sign of their power. Only a handful of Viking age knives with silver-scabbards have been found, and this one is the best preserved of all. It is beautifully decorated with patterned dots and indicates that the owner, who was a woman, was very wealthy.
    FID 558062.
    Knife. Silver and iron.
    Grave find 34000: Bj543
    Learn more about Vikings in the exhibition, on now!
    Timeline Photos
  • 6 days ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    Join us tomorrow!
    Heritage Queen's Park entrance reopening!
    5 days ago Michelle HB
    Réjane Bbf 👍
    5 days ago Kierstin Elizabeth
    Sarah Cochrane yay!
    5 days ago Dewa Yeshe
    5 days ago Marion Livingston Naylor
    Thank goodness. The other entrance was, well, wrong.
    6 days ago Kerry Murray
    Yeah I much prefer this entrance. It is the real deal.
    6 days ago Jeremy Porter
    Putting things back the way they SHOULD be.
    6 days ago Karen Thompson
    Yay !!! It was a shame they closed this entrance. JMHO., but.."what were they thinking? " I felt like I was entering a palace, walking through those doors. ...
    6 days ago Becky Ashwell
    Gorgeous rotunda. Shame it was mothballed for so long.
  • 1 week ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    The holidays start Dec 26! Don't miss the 13 exciting days when the museum turns into a winter wonderland. ❄️☃️
    Timeline Photos
  • 1 week ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    Learn more about our Lambeosaurus in this Fossil Friday 🎥
    Royal Ontario Museum
  • 1 week ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    Explore the brilliance behind Christian Dior’s dramatic creations in this original ROM exhibition!
    ON NOW
    1 week ago Dewa Yeshe
    Soon my lovelies, soon
  • 1 week ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    Throwback Thursday: Our Queen's Park entrance from the 1980s. On December 12th we're reopening the entrance! Enjoy FREE general admission all day, more here:
    Timeline Photos
    6 days ago Anne Bergström
    Isabelle Gallant
    6 days ago Kierstin Elizabeth
    Sarah Cochrane yay
    1 week ago Kristine Maitland
    Does this all mean that we will get our planetarium back, too? *grin*
    1 week ago Becky Ashwell
    Always loved that entrance.
    1 week ago Colin D Nicholson
    Oh, you mean throwback to before the building was vandalized.
    1 week ago Marielle Armstrong
    When I was volunteer at the ROM years ago, I was at the circular desk under the magnificent mosaic dome. If small patrons came to ask me something, and only their eyes were visible over the desk, the automatic response was, "The dinosaurs are on the third floor [pointing] over there."
    1 week ago Elicia Nemisz
    Yes! I remember going through this entrance with my grandfather! It was a shame I couldn’t do the same with my children last summer.
  • 1 week ago by Royal Ontario Museum

    Royal Ontario Museum
    Starting December 16th, see the world's best wildlife photography!
    Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017
    1 week ago Laura Omeljaniuk
    Vicki Omeljaniuk Tom Sitter
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