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St. Laurent Shopping Centre

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1200 St. Laurent Boulevard
Ottawa Ontario K1K 3B8
(613) 745-6858
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With over 180 stylish stores just minutes from downtown, St. Laurent is Ottawa's effortless shopping experience.

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9:30am – 9:00pm
9:30am – 9:00pm
9:30am – 9:00pm
9:30am – 9:00pm
9:30am – 9:00pm
9:30am – 9:00pm
11:00am – 5:00pm

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  • 17 hours ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    Trying to get more sleep? Try this 10 minute yoga routine for ultimate rest: http://www.chatelain...-minute-routine/
    A 10-minute bedtime yoga routine to help you sleep
  • 2 days ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    Get in the Halloween spirit with these 13 spooky recipes:
    13 spooky Halloween recipes
  • 3 days ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    Sparkle, Friday! #TGIF
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  • 3 days ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    #TBT to our spring 2016 campaign. We're proud to announce that we won a Silver Award for As Fresh as the Tulips in the
    2017 ICSC International Council of Shopping Centers Canadian Shopping Centre Awards Program!
    Inspired by the The Love Ottawa Project we approached founder Dwayne Brown and his co-creator Anita Ruivo about collaborating with them. Impressed by the community spirit St. Laurent embraces and the light they wanted to shine on loveOttawa, a creative partnership emerged. The popular love Ottawa project captures the beauty of Ottawa and the passion its residents have for their city in words and photographs by asking the question, “What do you love about Ottawa?” The hashtag #STLLovesOttawa supported St. Laurent’s campaign inspiration and community pride.
    For more information about the finalists and winners visit:
    #TBT to our spring 2016 campaign. We're proud to announce that we won
  • 6 days ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    UPDATE: Contest is now closed. Congrats to Karen and Rachel and thanks to everyone who entered.
    CONTEST TIME! To celebrate their VIP night this Thursday, Cazza Petite is giving away two $50 gift cards.
    Everyone is welcome to stop by between 6 to 9pm on Thursday, October 19th at their new St. Laurent location. Guests will enjoy 20% off the whole store, live mannequins, live jazz music, food, and beverages, and a door prize for one lucky customer that spends over $250. Privilege Card members will enjoy other special perks as well.
    Just comment below, tagging a petite friend and you'll both be entered to win!
    We'll randomly choose a winner at 3:30pm on Wed Oct 18. Good luck! This contest is not administered, sponsored or endorsed by Facebook.
    UPDATE: Contest is now closed. Congrats to Karen and Rachel and thanks
    5 days ago M. Leeanne White-Crisante
    Moe Row I'm sure she would love something new would be a nice time out. Thanks for the chance.
    5 days ago Sabina Shahbaz
    Huma Sheikh. Plus points of being petit!
    5 days ago Meghan Mc
    I have a petite MOM! She is also my friend. Lola Frances
    5 days ago Trevor Charlebois
    Ian Barton it be nice to get new clothes for winter time
    5 days ago Cindy Bastien
    Isabelle Bastien let's go shopping for your Birthday :)
    5 days ago Grenon Francine
    I will bring my niece Natty Bisson Francine Grenon can't wait to go and shop!! Love St laurent
    5 days ago Tiffany Quesnel
    Murielle Quesnel I will bring my mom a nice mom daughter day
    6 days ago Isabelle Aurélie
    Suzanne Richer maybe a shopping date if we win?
    6 days ago Karen Brown
    Rachel Rock
    6 days ago Pauline Lafrance Montague
    Sharon Boutin Us shorties stick together (y) :)
  • 1 week ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    Here's a thought for the week ahead. #lessismore #QuoteOfTheDay #sundayvibes
    Timeline Photos
  • 1 week ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    Mr. Pretzels is now OPEN at St. Laurent! Drop by for free samples of their freshly baked salty and cinnamon sugar pretzels. You'll find them located near Deserres close to entrance 1.
    Mr. Pretzels is now OPEN at St. Laurent! Drop by for free samples of t
    1 week ago Barbara Fernie
    Looks like I missed this one 😏
    1 week ago Jessica Boire
    Omg I hope these r like auntie Anne's!
    1 week ago Kathleen Lemire
    Stacy, Rebecca....we in trouble now!!
    1 week ago Trish Lanthier
    Had one today YUMMY
    1 week ago Sophie Le
    Kim yummm?
    1 week ago Karen Wight
    Nikita wight😉
    1 week ago Natalie Cyr
    AngelaLeclerc so here is another place for us to indulge on cheat days!
    1 week ago Natasha Routhier
    Omg Dianna Bobbett Morrow you know I’ll be there!!!
    1 week ago Krista Curtis
    1 week ago Anna Garcia
  • 1 week ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    You know you want to… here are 10 group Halloween costumes, that won’t make you look like a total dork:
    10 Halloween Group Costumes That Aren't Dorky - FLARE
  • 1 week ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    We're shoe lovers so we were very excited to visit Town Shoes with Melissa Lamb for #FashionFriday on CTV Ottawa Morning Live. Check out the hot fall footwear trends we discovered!
    CTV Morning Live - Fashion Friday Oct 13
  • 1 week ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    UPDATE: Contest is now closed. Congrats to Sara and thanks to everyone who entered.
    CONTEST TIME: We're giving away a gift basket from The Body Shop filled with their amazing limited edition Vanilla Pumpkin products enriched with vanilla extract from Madagascar.
    The basket included hand cream, shower gel, shimmer mist and body butter along with deluxe samples of British Rose and Japanese Matcha Team Superfood masks valued at $70.
    To enter just comment below with your favorite pumpkin thing. (pie? PSL? Halloween?)
    We'll randomly draw a winner on Friday, Oct 13 at 2pm. Good luck! Winner must be able to pick up the prize at St. Laurent. This contest is not administered, sponsored or endorsed by Facebook.
    UPDATE: Contest is now closed. Congrats to Sara and thanks to everyone
    1 week ago Tara D. Nicholson
    OOOh Yummy Prize! Would LOVE to WIN and share with Ceara Anderson We LOVE carving pumpkins and munching roasted, sea salted pumpkin seeds! Vanilla Pumpkin could certainly become a tradition too! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
    1 week ago Sayward Montague Grant
    My favourite pumpkin thing, how can you make me choose one?! If I had to choose, it'd be crustless pumpkin "pie" made of REAL pumpkin. And for two bonus picks, J make a mean pumpkin chilli and love shelled pumpkin seeds on everything.
    1 week ago Cherie Alexis Johnston
    The vanilla pumpkin body butter is amazing! It should be a latte! My favourite pumpkin thing is pumpkin cheesecake! Mmmmm
    1 week ago Karen Wight
    Carving pumpkin, roasting seeds, cooking now starts, stews, pies, enjoying all the fall treat specials for coffee/tea/halloween my fav time of year!
    1 week ago Amy Haskill
    I love spending the night with my hubby and daughter carving our pumpkins for Halloween and then cleaning as many seeds as I can to toast them for snacks later!!
    1 week ago Caytee Cee
    Pumpkin spice frap from Starbucks and the smell of pumpkins when they have candles burning inside mmm halloween
    1 week ago Krystina Mughal
    My favorite pumpkin thing is a toss up !
    My mom makes an awesome pumpkin cheesecake! But I also LOVE carving the pumpkins and baking the seeds! My kids are finally at an age to understand Halloween and they love pumpkins!!
    1 week ago Cindy Bastien
    My daughter Loves, Loves, Loves pumpkin everything. She just turned 16 this week and I always get her some pumpkin things for her bday like Hand soap, bath bombs, starbucks certificate (for PSL) :) She would love this delayed bday gift.
    1 week ago Sara Bisson-Nielson
    Love Halloween!
    1 week ago Anik Boucher
    I love anything pumpkin/Halloween but my favorite would have to be Pumpkin chai tea from DAVIDsTEA and dressing up for Halloween. <3<3<3
  • 1 week ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    We're proud to announce that St. Laurent has earned Maple Leaf Gold for Mom and Baby on the Move, in the Customer Service Experience/Engagement Category of the ICSC 2017 Canadian Shopping Centre Awards!
    Inspired by local parents, this free community program offers new moms, and dads, a weekly opportunity to participate in a postnatal exercise program led by a recognized fitness professional Jules Sherlock of Fitness With Jules. In addition to the fitness program, we're always planning fun activities with our retailers and info sessions with local experts. Drop by Guest Services this Tuesday at 9:30am to try out this award winning program!
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  • 1 week ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    Morguard is proud to announce that BeYou, the company's national cause marketing campaign to help young women across Canada increase self-esteem, personal growth and self-worth, has been awarded the 2017 Canadian Community Support Award by the ICSC International Council of Shopping Centers Foundation. The award recognizes the most outstanding corporate social responsibility and community outreach efforts by shopping centres, their management companies, developers and retailers.
    To commemorate the award, the ICSC Foundation has donated $5,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, Morguard's charitable partner in the BeYou campaign. With this donation, almost $40,000 was donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters through the 2016 BeYou program. Big Brothers Big Sisters also saw a 34% increase in volunteer inquiries during the campaign.
    Read more at:
    Morguard is proud to announce that BeYou, the company's national cause
    1 week ago Josie De Meo
  • 2 weeks ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    Happy Thanksgiving! Our stores are closed today - enjoy your day!
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  • 2 weeks ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    Our stores are closed on Monday for Thanksgiving. East Side Mario's and Imagine Cinemas will be open. Happy Thanksgiving!
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  • 2 weeks ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    This is our favorite Halloween costume Guide from amightygirl So many great costume ideas for all ages! #beyougirl
    Girl Empowerment Halloween Costume Guide
  • 2 weeks ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    It's Friday and a long weekend! #FridayFeeling
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  • 2 weeks ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    Thanks to all of your for sharing your memories! The gift card winners are: Nathalie, John, Bianca, Jen and Kelsey.
    St. Laurent turns 50 today! We officially opened our doors on Wednesday, October 4, 1967.
    We're sharing a few photo memories of how we have changed over the years in this video, but we'd love to hear YOUR favorite memories of St. Laurent. Comment below with your STL memories (and photos if you've got them!) and you'll be entered to WIN one of 5 $50 STL gift cards. We'll draw the winners on Tuesday Oct 10.
    We're so proud to have been a part of your lives in Ottawa for the past 50 years.
    2 weeks ago Bianca Shitzu
    St. Laurent has always been part of growing up for myself. On weekends in elementary we'd meet in groups to hit the food court and take 100 pictures in the photo booth on the main level. Not to mention a large HMV where we'd spend hours looking at different CD's to buy.
    It's was and still is my favourite mall. #STLMemories
    2 weeks ago André Dignard
    Happy 50th STL.
    I worked at sears through High school. Made many lasting memories there. Met my future wife while working at Sears. Spent lots of time there younger too, at the cinema and the cyberbome!
    2 weeks ago John Tanguay
    I remember watching the construction. I remember those days fondly... bringing the coke and beer bottles ( yes beer bottles, cause construction workers drank at lunchtime back then) back for refunds and buying candy. I was 8 years old.
    2 weeks ago Joanne Henry
    There use to be a sit in restaurant, Simpson sears and the Bay use to have a candy counter and the busses use to be in the Dominion side. There always was treble clef record store, and a sewing machine shop down the hall from the sugar donuts at the lunch counter! Such great memories
    2 weeks ago Lorrain Wilkinson
    Congratulations on turning 50 years!!! Grew up in Overbrook, we were always at the mall, my first jobs were at CIBC and People's Jewellers. We used to go to the movies there all the time as well as dinner at, I believe it was Steak and Burger?
    Oh the Dominion grocery store, they put your grocery bags in a square plastic box that went up the cart where you would bring your car around to pick them up, they should bring that back? Happy 50th birthday St Laurent, thanks for the memories.
    2 weeks ago Judy Kennedy Charbonneau
    My memory is of Sears baby contest - you had to guess your due date and anything you bought from Sears for the baby was free. I won! That was 1972! Would love to win again.
    2 weeks ago Gail Heron
    I worked at the Rcmp HQ & having a shopping centre within walking distance was fantastic. I remember buying a loaf of fresh baked bread from the Dominion & eating half of it on the bus on the way home.
    2 weeks ago Kelsey Katrina
    St Laurent has been part of my life since my teens! From meeting with friends to hang out, shopping with friends or my boyfriend or bag carrier I should say lol, to it being my mid point stop on my way home via the buses to and from work! And my most favourite of all, a place for me to bring my newborn to walk around and get to use the rockers in the family room to feed him! To this day it is still my favourite mall!
    2 weeks ago Jen Lamoureux Caillier
    I remember the fountain and the cotton candy and sweetshop on the corner . Used to always stop on my way to grandmamans house and she would buy me cotton candy and we would throw our penny wishes into the fountain
    2 weeks ago Nathalie Daze-Lemieux
    I remember there were "cylinder" like features in the ceiling, I would walk around and love seeing those. There was a diner in Sears that had the best chocolate milk, fries with gravy which was a bribe for our mom to get us to try on clothes, we knew we would get those fries with gravy :-)Now, I bribe my son with a hot chocolate from Second Cup if he tries on clothes for back to school shopping.
  • 3 weeks ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    ...aaaaaaand it's October. Did it sneak up on you too?
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  • 3 weeks ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    Did you catch a purple football at the Ottawa REDBLACKS game Friday night? Be sure to bring it to Guest Services at St. Laurent. You will win a St. Laurent gift card worth between $5 and $500 - yes, the $500 football is still out there!
    Did you catch a purple football at the Ottawa REDBLACKS game Friday ni
  • 3 weeks ago by St. Laurent

    St. Laurent
    It's finally time to layer up! We visited American Eagle Outfitters with CTV Ottawa Morning Live to talk about weekend dressing for fall this week on #FashionFriday. See the clip here: http://ottawa.ctvnew...o?clipId=1221215
    Photos from St. Laurent's post
    2 weeks ago Anita Synard Lambe
    2 weeks ago Sabrina S Meisenheimer
    You should have offered to model for them !!! Bahahahaha
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